Odds and Ends

I have had a lot going on post-CES.  Here is what I am thinking about these days:

AC/DC Combo Adapter A few months we switched from the Slim AC/DC combo adapter to the next generation ULTRAslim AC/DC Combo Adapter.  Our team made a lot of improvements.

  • On DC power, you no longer need to carry the brick with you.  If you are like me and keep it in your bag for airplane and cigarette lighter use, it takes significantly less room – about 2/3 less.
  • Unlike the previous version, we ship the Y cable in the box and don’t make you order it separately.  It also comes with a USB tip attached. 

Here are pictures of the new and the older adapters.  



I have not had any problems using the new adapter at all on any of the airplane power ports.  The cigarette lighter adapter works great on American Airlines and when I’m on United, the Empower port works as advertised too.  I know some airlines limit wattage per power port to 75 watts, but never have drawn anywhere near that with my T400s – even with an empty battery.

Calpella Switchable Graphics Over on our forums and on thinkpads.com, there has been a lot of confusion over the graphics capabilities of our Calpella T Series systems.  To be clear, the only 2010 ThinkPad system with switchable graphics capabilities is the ThinkPad T410s.  The ThinkPad T410 and T510 and W510 are either integrated graphics only or discrete graphics only.  It might be possible to do a hack to allow “cold” switching between the integrated graphics core on the CPU or the discrete graphics chip, but this is not something we’ll support or even say is possible on any given system.  There is extra circuitry required to enable switching capability.  For 2010, buy a T410s if you want switchable graphics capability from Lenovo.

Color Calibrated T400s Display Shortly after CES I decided that my T400s display had a decidedly blue cast – disgustingly so.  I decided to color calibrate it.  Before color calibration it did not really shift colors as I tilted it forwards and backwards.  Now, calibrated, if I fold it back, I can see a red cast.


If I tilt it forward, it shifts to blue.


But fortunately, if I look at it head on, it looks decidedly better than it ever has before.  I will never mistake this panel for a W510 display, but it is a definite improvement.  I can’t tolerate it without color calibration any longer.


Audio over DisplayPort This may have already been solved over on the forums, but I have long since stopped following “that thread.”  I have a note in my inbox that says without a doubt that our 2010 Caplella machines will carry audio over DisplayPort.

Graphics Memory I am constantly astounded when our corporate customers ask for 512MB or 1GB of graphics memory on a T Series system.  If you have a workstation, I absolutely understand.  But on a T Series -- What the heck are you doing with all of that graphics memory?  Someone, please.