Number One in Customer Satisfaction—Again!

It's happened. Again.

Lenovo servers have received the top overall customer satisfaction score for 2016, according to the latest TBR 1H16 Corporate Customer Satisfaction Study: x86-based Servers. This is the eighth out of nine consecutive quarters customers have voted us as the number-one provider of high-quality x86 servers, services and support.

To tally these results, TBR compares several of the leading vendors in the space, evaluating a number of criteria. When it came to looking at the results, Lenovo had the highest rolling six-month mean satisfaction scores for nearly every attribute -- including virtualization and scalability capabilities.

Customers ranked performance, ongoing hardware reliability, initial hardware quality, virtualization, efficiency and scalability, total cost of ownership, product design/features, replacement part availability and purchase price/acquisition cost as the most critical attributes in a server vendor. Not only did Lenovo servers dominate the competition in all of these aspects; they showed increased satisfaction scores, consistently, year-over-year. According to the survey results, customers seek vendors that provide highly reliable hardware, along with services and support to facilitate continuous uptime.

And numbers don't lie. A few key statistics from the survey are:

  • 92.1% - the willingness of customers to buy our products again.
  • 6.3%. The increase in management capabilities seen once our servers were installed.
  • 84.6. The proprietary "customer satisfaction index score" given by TBR to Lenovo. It was the highest, by nearly ten points, out of the three leading, global server vendors.

We get high marks for high availability and high quality into all components and parts of the development and supply chain process. Redundant, hot-swappable components minimize single points of failure. Enhanced predictive failure analysis proactively monitors components and provides alerts about potential issues. Light Path Diagnostics highlight LEDs inside the chassis for exact problem identification. Intuitive, easy-to-use tools such as Lenovo XClarity and the Light Path Diagnostic Panel reduce troubleshooting time and human error. Lenovo Trusted Platform Assurance security protects the hardware and firmware to guard against malware attacks. Together, these fault-resilient Lenovo features build high quality into the servers to protect against downtime.

We also provide top-notch services and support to help customers troubleshoot any problems that arise. Lenovo Solutions Services offer remote technical consulting, data center services, proof-of-technology labs, assistance with solution design and architecture, assessments and training. With Lenovo Implementation Services, Lenovo experts deploy, integrate, configure, migrate and monitor your equipment. Finally, Lenovo Technical Services provide warranty service upgrades, technical support services and infrastructure management services.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read the 2016 TBR Survey Results, and learn more about Lenovo servers here.


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