Do you know how much it costs when a computer gets stolen?  It is not just the cost of the computer itself, but also all the existing data, time taken to claim the insurance and much more.

Do you know what your personal risk is, even if a work computer gets stolen?  Just ask yourself where do you do your online monetary transactions with your credit card and where do you do your online banking etc.

Do you know how many cases of computer thefts are resolved each year?

Why would you want to run that risk?

The first line of defense: Kensington MiniSaver Cable Lock from Lenovo.

The MiniSaver lock has been designed especially for thinner devices such as tablets and computers that are equipped with the MiniSaver lock slot.  In addition , the MiniSaver fits on most of the existing T-bar lock slots.


The “Cleat™ Technology” has been designed to expand inside the device, which together with its sleek design enables the use of any and all possible adjacent ports in the device.

You lock your property within seconds.  Just imagine a device that costs approximately 2% of the total expenditure of the total solution.  It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?

The MiniSaver cable lock fits both commercial and consumer lock slots designed for the MiniSaver and most existing systems.  You will see more and more lock slots appear on new devices. It will also be available as a MasterKey solution for Enterprises in the near future.  Stay tuned for that.

And to answer the questions from above,

  • The total cost is estimated at approximately US $32,000 per system.
  • There is no cost estimated for personal loss, however ask any victim of identity theft what it has done to them.
  • Less than 1% of all registered computer theft cases are resolved annually.

Yes, the lock does only cost 2% of the total solution.

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