New ThinkPad X100e the size of a floppy disk?

Of course it depends what size floppy disk you are comparing it to!  Frequent Lenovo Blogs commenter Erik, snapped this thought provoking photo of a new ThinkPad 100e along with something that many of our readers have perhaps never seen before - an actual 8" floppy disk.  Technology has sure come a long way in about 30 years considering that these old 8" double density disks stored around 100K and you'd need about 16,000,000 of them to equal the storage capacity of the standard 160GB drive in the ThinkPad X100e.


So how much space would 16 million 8" floppy disks take up?  Let's think in terms of tractor trailer containers that are  8 feet wide, 8 feet high and 40 feet long.   Each diskette is 8" square by about 1/16 of an inch thick.  So, stacked up, 16 disks per inch times 96 inches = 1536 disks in a stack floor to ceiling.  As the disks are 8" square and the trailer is 8' wide, we can get 12 stacks side to side for a total of 18,432 disks per row.  Since the trailer is 40' long, we can get 60 rows in and the doors just close on a total 1,105,920 disks per trailer.  To hold  all 16 million of them, we'd need 14 and half trailers. Somehow, the ThinkPad X100e seems a more convenient way to carry your data around. The ThinkPad X100e is shown without battery installed.   According to the PSREF specifications, the system with 6 cell battery is 8.2 X 11.1.