New ThinkPad Classics


ThinkPad T410

Even though there is considerable buzz about the ThinkPad Edge line, lets not forget our heritage.  We just announced four new ThinkPad classic offerings continuing the legacy of design and technology innovation for business. The T410s, T410, T510 and the W510 workstation are all new models with enhancements to processor performance, battery life and wireless technologies. You can read the detailed press release here. What is most interesting for this blog, however, are the improvements we made to the design and user experience. If you are a fan of the work we did on the T400s you will love these new rock solid ThinkPads. All the new models use the same updated keyboard and controls we first introduced on the T400s. This includes the larger escape and delete keys, tighter key-skirt tolerances, enhanced volume/mute controls, and of course the flush textured touchpad. You can read entire  blogs I wrote about all of these updates when we first introduced the T400s. Also gone are the off centered displays that were driven by the previous level antenna design. Thanks to Yamato engineering for fixing this one without sacrificing performance. Having now used a T400s for months, I can attest to the significance of these improvements to the user experience. The thinking and testing that went into these updates was enormous and has paid off. If you are a classic lover these are the systems for you.

David Hill