By combining the new Lenovo Performance Tuner software with Intel’s Turbo Max 3.0 technology, Lenovo gives a serious boost to mainstream workstation computing.

When people talk, we listen. And we’ve been listening to our customers, some of whom are saying that they currently can’t afford the level of performance they desperately need from their workstation. Today, the listening becomes action with the introduction of the ThinkStation P410. This addition to the ThinkStation portfolio extends a higher level of performance to users who were previously unable to afford it. Available starting today, the ThinkStation P410 features the latest high-performance Intel® Xeon® E5-1600 v4 processors with Intel® Turbo Max 3.0 Technology.  With the ability to also support the NVIDIA® Quadro® M5000 graphics card, the ThinkStation P410 is unlike any system available, delivering mainstream workstation performance with entry-level affordability.

For users who require as much power as possible in a single-socket workstation, the updated ThinkStation P510 won’t disappoint. The P510 not only features the latest Intel® Xeon® E5-1600 v4 processors with Intel® Turbo Max 3.0 Technology, but it also supports the NVIDIA® Quadro® M6000 graphics card, as well as the most memory and storage capacity in its class.

The launch of the ThinkStation P410 and P510, along with the April rollout of the updated dual-processor ThinkStation P710 and P910 featuring the latest Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 processors, completes Lenovo’s full desktop workstation portfolio refresh.

The latest updates to our workstation line are part of Lenovo’s broader commitment to constantly listen to our customers and evolve our products based on what our users need from a workstation. We work closely with our Development Advisory Council, made up of trailblazing users across industries, to help us create the right solutions for every type of groundbreaking work.

But that’s not all.

We’re also announcing the launch of our premiere performance optimization tool, the Lenovo Performance Tuner (LPT). LPT is the latest result of our team’s continuous work to give users the freedom to get the most out of their workstations.

LPT will enable customers to fine-tune their individual experiences based on their specific software’s demands on the hardware. Free to our customers, LPT offers power management, resource monitoring and tuning, graphics management and BIOS management.

In addition, thanks to Processor Affinity, users now have the ability to designate an application to run on a specific processor core(s) to fine-tune the system workload. This feature optimizes your power and resources for both single-threaded and multi-threaded applications. For example, when running a single-threaded application, such as Dassault® SolidWorks®, on systems that have Quad-Core processors, Processor Affinity allows you to designate which core is used for that application, helping to better allocate resources for certain applications while others function freely on the other cores. This is also beneficial for multi-core applications, like ANSYS®, which can be isolated to prevent it from consuming all of the system resources, allowing other applications to concurrently and smoothly execute on the same system.

To make this process even easier, LPT contains predefined application profiles for some of the top applications that adjust and manage the resources required by that application to run optimally for your workstation.

In line with Lenovo’s continued dedication to offer a clean pre-load to customers, LPT will be available via download here. View the Getting Started Video to help you get started faster with LPT.

Since 2008, Lenovo has been proud to offer the industry’s leading workstations. And now, with the LPT software tool and the ThinkStation P410, we are able to provide our customers with truly complete solutions. For additional information on all things Lenovo Workstation, visit