New Lenovo support site debuts

With over 2 billion people online today, having an effective and easy to use support site is probably near the top of the to do list for any global technology company.   It certainly is for Lenovo. Today the new Lenovo support site makes its debut and represents the first  major step in an evolutionary journey.  The existing support site dates back to before the 2005 Lenovo acquisition of the PC division from IBM and despite some tactical improvements over the last 18 months, has been showing its age a bit.   But replacing legacy technology is only part of the transformational story. Providing an integrated user experience is an important consideration too.  In 2007, Lenovo launched  the Idea line of notebooks and desktops, and these are supported by an entirely separate support site with its own search, navigation, and infrastructure.  So, counting the consumersupport site, and an internal site our partners and call center agents use, we had five sites based on four separate platforms to maintain.

It was a case of many sites, and many faces to our customers.  We have a lot of great content, but need to consolidate into a single infrastructure in order to provide a consistent and seamless support experience for the customer.   Last year, we began planning our approach, selecting a new platform and mapping key features and capabilities in the existing platforms to the new tool.  We debated implementing this change as a single "big bang" replacement vs a phased approach and settled on the latter as a way to better manage project risks and smooth the transition for our customers. This first phase begins the migration from the old "Think" site .  Phase two will consolidate the Korean and Japanese  support sites, along with the existing consumer support site, onto the new integrated platform. The new site offers a number of features and capabilities  that make finding solutions easier than ever... First, there is a site wide search capability.   Type your search keywords into the search box in the top right corner of the header area and click the round red button to the right of it.   The new search features return results from the support site, the product (marketing & sales) pages, and even social media, drawing relevant information from Lenovo blogs and Lenovo forum discussions. The search results page defaults to the support tab, but you can click the other tabs to easily scan these other channels for relevant results based on your keywords.  You can use the links on the left side to help filter the results to display only the type of information you are looking for.

In the coming weeks, all content across the Lenovo domain whether Think or Idea related, will be accessible through this single search box. We designed the site navigation to support customers of different experience and levels of familiarity with Lenovo products.

For the infrequent or first time user, there is the browse function that guides you through a short series of selections to help narrow down exactly which product you have.   This makes it really easy. Alternately, Think users may elect to run the auto detect and have the site  automatically identify their system and display content relevant to that model.  (This feature currently supports Internet Explorer browser types) Lastly, experienced customers who know their system model type can enter in the four digit or full seven digit system type and model designation.   The previous site had this feature, but many customers found it easier to identify their system by the marketed series designation. For example, ask someone what system they have, and they would be quick to tell you, "Oh, I have a W500 ThinkPad" instead of saying, "I have a type 4058-CTO".    So, the new site quick path feature can work with either the model designation or the marketing series designation. Check out the site at http://support.lenovo.comand join the discussion about it in our forums.  Tell us what do you like best and what revisions should we consider  for the next release? As always, the website surveys are available to rate your experience and provide feedback, and the site feedback links on every page are available to report any broken links or missing content.  As with any migration, despite all planning, testing, and diligence, there are bound to be a few bumps along the way. If you are feeling nostalgic and want to check out the old support site again for comparison, we are keeping it around a few more weeks before it sails off into the sunset. Thanks for your patience, and for taking this exciting step forward with us!