New Lenovo PC Plant Drives Differentiated Customer Experience in USA

Numerous dignitaries joined Lenovo executives for the press conference announcing the new PC facility in North Carolina

To win in any business, companies must get closer to customers, not just through surveys and focus groups, but by aligning their entire end-to-end operations to address all customer needs. At Lenovo, we recognize the powerful benefits that come from strategically orchestrating our customers’ entire experience, from the time they place their first orders to the end of product life.

That’s why we’ve decided to expand the capability of our U.S. Fulfillment Center in North Carolina to include manufacturing. This defies a trend that has seen a steady outflow of electronics production jobs from the U.S. for two decades.  It’s a good development for the local and national economy, but it is also very good for our customers. I’m confident they will see value in our local manufacturing just as they do in our efforts to minimize our environmental impact – i.e., being “green” is important to us and our customers.

Our U.S. manufacturing line will give Lenovo greater operational flexibility to deliver products even faster and more reliably in many situations, such as fast-turnaround orders late in the holiday season. It will enable us to tightly integrate a broader and more valuable set of services with our renowned Think-branded PCs. It has the potential to open new ways of elevating the customer experience and creating competitive advantage in the U.S.

World-class cost and efficiency are must haves in today’s global economy, but they are not enough to lead in any industry. Ultimately, organizations can’t create new value for their customers and shareholders without taking an unconventional path. Adding this manufacturing capability in the U.S. is a unique operational approach that sets us apart from our competitors. At Lenovo, we aim to innovate and pioneer, whether it’s the products we offer or finding new ways to engage customers by transforming the operations that support them. Our U.S. manufacturing line is another example of Lenovo’s business innovation in action, and our customers here will see a real difference.


David Schmoock is President of Lenovo North America.