New Enterprise Black Box Brings Businesses More # Crunching Choices

Steve St. Amant decides which desktop products to bring to large businesses in North America, making sure they have the right balance of performance, features and price. While Steve is a colorful guy and hopes businesses may go for a red, blue or green desktop chassis one day, today he’s introducing his latest project – the ThinkCentre M75e. Today, we’re introducing the ThinkCentre M75e desktop. We built this new mainstream desktop to handle the typical tasks and applications you find in large-scale environments, like in schools, government,  - or other general businesses. So what’s new about this desktop? The M75e is the first of our M Series platforms to use AMD processors (Athlon II and Phenom II). While our small business-focused A Series already offers processor brand choice, by bringing AMD to the M Series, we’re able to give enterprise customers the performance, security and manageability they need for their work environments with a low cost of ownership.

The M75e is equipped to handle two independent displays out of the box without needing a discrete graphics card. However, if you add a discrete card like the ATI Radeon HD 5450 (512 MB), the M75e can drive four displays! A lot of our customers tell us they need this capability for working with large and/or multiple spreadsheets, viewing multiple web pages and several graphics intensive applications at once. There are several pieces of multi-monitor research out there finding that using more than one monitor improves productivity. Try using a second monitor for a week, and I bet you’ll be hooked. Like our other PCs under the Lenovo Enhanced Experience program, we’ve optimized the M75e for fast bootup – around 30 seconds (the fastest time yet recorded on any of our M Series machines). This machine has a lot of memory capacity with 4 DIMM slots so you can upgrade up to 16 GB, DASH management functionality so IT departments can manage it, and USB port disablement for security. My colleague recently wrote about how to keep your data safe by locking your USB ports and some companies even include it in their IT policy. The M75e is available immediately online or through our business partners.