An Adventure of a Lifetime

We’ve kicked off the Mobile World Congress 2015, and you’d never have guessed that some of our products made it here just in the nick of time, after spending the past few weeks globetrotting across the world! They’re feeling fresh after stopping by several countries and regions to recharge (as products do), and can’t wait to get their keys tapping again.

If you’re a whiz at World Geography, you’re in luck because we’d like you to guess #whereintheworld our products have been. (Great Googling skills might help too)

We’ll be releasing the first location clue on our global Twitter @lenovo handle on Tuesday 3 March. From there, take a guess where the next destination is, then head to the corresponding Lenovo country Twitter handle for your next clue. Here's how:

For example, if the clue indicates Germany as the destination, head to @lenovode’s Twitter handle to see if you got it right. You will also find the next clue there. (Hint: The devices did not stop by in Germany for some Bratwursts)

There will be two clues released on 3 March, and another two on 4 March. Once you’ve figured out all four locations, tweet them in the correct order, using the hashtag #whereintheworld and mention @lenovo by the end of Thursday 5 March.

7 lucky sleuths will be awarded a #LenovoSurprise each. Pssst… we also heard that retweeting every clue along the way increases your chances of getting chosen.

Time to test your world knowledge. Good luck!