Multimode Products Take Center Stage

Lenovo Press Conference at IFA 2013, Berlin

The cameras were flashing at Lenovo's booth today, as press, IFA conference-goers, and tech enthusiasts crowded around for the first-ever glimpse of Lenovo's newest flagship products.

With a ranking of #2 overall and double-digit growth, EMEA is an anchor for Lenovo in the PC+ era. Today in Berlin, Lenovo unveiled a lineup that furthers Lenovo’s momentum in the PC+ era and also generated quite the buzz.  The flagship products—Yoga 2 Pro, ThinkPad Yoga, Vibe, Flex Notebook, Flex 20, and a new line of smartphones – took center stage at IFA 2013 for a press conference that was unique in style and delivery. The press conference featured SVP and EMEA President Gianfranco Lanci, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer David Roman, and Executive Director of LBG Marketing, Nick Reynolds.  The talk-show style production was hosted by a popular German TV presenter, Cerno Jobatey.

The media reacted positiviely to products and the discussion-style delivery.  With multiple twitter posts and blog posts hitting the internet simetaneoulsy as the conference happened the reactions were impressive. 

Video here:


Here are some of the highlights:

Lanci shows off the new Lenovo VIBE X during the press conference.


Twitter contributor, @benwood, snapped a picture of Nick Reynolds showing off the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro during the press conference.


The ThinkPad Yoga was announced at IFA and the press started post to Twitter about it instataneously!

Lanci explains Lenovo market share and the plan for the future.


Following the event, Lenovo held a cocktail event for the press and bloggers, followed by a team dinner for all those working so hard to make IFA a success.

Guest blogging by Kelly Reid, Senior Manager, Global Internal Communications