Maximum Performance, Minimal Risk for Data Warehousing

Microsoft Data Warehouse Fast Track (DWFT) is a joint effort between Microsoft and Lenovo to deliver validated, preconfigured solutions that reduce the complexity and risk of implementing an SMP data warehouse based on SQL Server Enterprise Edition. The Fast Track program provides flexibility of solutions and uses the core capabilities of the Windows Server operating system and SQL Server.

DWFT focuses on balancing I/O to achieve maximum performance from SMP-based servers. SQL Server DWFT eliminates the complexity of sizing servers with data warehouses by providing a set of data consumption rates that properly balance performance between the disk subsystem, CPU and memory. These preconfigured, out-of-the-box Lenovo solutions allow for faster deployment, less complexity and reduced risk, while still providing the flexibility to choose from the latest generation of Lenovo hardware.

The Lenovo x3850 X6 and x3960 X6 are the ideal platforms for SQL Server consolidation. The 4-socket Lenovo x3850 X6 and 8-socket Lenovo x3950 X6 servers are designed for high throughput from processor to memory to I/O, which makes them ideal for consolidating many established SQL Server workloads that are running on individual servers. In some cases, these older servers are under-used and are not capitalizing completely on valuable data center resources, such as space, power or cooling.

For more information, you can read Microsoft Data Warehouse Fast Track for SQL on Lenovo x3850 X6. I'll give you the highlights here:

  • Expansive 95 TB capacity for your largest database needs
  • Up to 56 percent greater performance (over previous generations) with the latest Intel E7-8890 v3 processors
  • New DDR4 memory for higher performance and lower power requirements on large memory configurations
  • Improved time to value with a scalable reference architecture for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition on System x3850 X6

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