Melissa’s Lenovo Surprise

OHIO, A FAMILY AND A HORIZON. It's not every day that we can physically bring joy to someone's doorstep but, on one recent Friday afternoon, that's exactly what we did. This is the story behind it as told by our lucky winner Melissa:

Ever had one of those incredibly lucky days where you actually hit the lottery? Yeah, me either. But I had a day that meant just as much to me on May 31, 2013. I am going to attempt to record this moment in our history here, though it might be a bit long to read. Please stick with me for this post, because you could be the next recipient of such an epic day!

Melissa goes on to explain how our Lenovo Horizon Table PC: Limo Experience video caught her eye while she was surfing the internet one day.

I actually joked with my husband after watching the video that they will have to change the name from “Personal Computer (PC)” to “Family Computer (FC)” from now on if this thing catches on as the new trend in computers. He laughed, but I was really serious! I really liked the idea of how social this device was.

And a social device was exactly what she was looking for, something that could bring the whole family together while encouraging her son, who is on the autism spectrum, to practice his social skills: 

When I saw the Lenovo Horizon computer, I knew I had found something really special.... I saw so much potential with that!  It would provide a more predictable/structured play environment for him, that not only would grab his sensory and social needs, be intuitive for him to operate with touch, but also would force him to have interaction socially!

Melissa posted frequently on the Lenovo Facebook page and we began what would become an ongoing conversation with her. She wrote:

So when I saw that advertisement, I instantly went to the Lenovo website to find out how much it cost so I could begin saving for it.  I was determined to do what I could if it would help my lil bear (not to mention, I wanted it for myself too… it’s a darn cool computer!!!)  I was a little disappointed when I went to their website to discover that it had not been released yet.  One of their videos estimated it would be released sometime this summer, but no official dates were listed.  I really did NOT want to wait that long though.  So I found their company Facebook page and asked them if they knew when it would be released for sale to the public, because I was really excited.  To be honest, I really hadn’t heard of Lenovo before.  I learned that they took over IBM, and that was a name I knew, but Lenovo, who is that?  But I figured it couldn’t be bad, they were still making the trusty old IBM ThinkPad  line, and the Horizon looked beyond awesome.  So I took the leap and began interacting with them on their Facebook page.

Sadly, they told me they didn’t have any firm release dates either, but we kept communications open and they asked what interested me so much about the Horizon.  I simply told them that I liked the idea of how interactive/multi-player it was.  I told them my lil guy was 6 and was on the autism spectrum, but loved playing games on his iPod and that I could just imagine us playing games TOGETHER on a device as huge and intuitive as the Horizon.  That he is really smart, but could really use more help with his social skills and that playing on the Horizon would provide an opportunity for our family so that no one is left playing alone.

The rest, as they say,  is history. After careful consideration, we decided to surprise her and her family with a Horizon and we could not have made a better choice. You can read the full story from her blog post here and watch the video of the surprise here. A visual person? No problem, just follow the Flickr story here.

Will you be next? Keep an eye out for our next #LenovoSurprise!