Meet Lenovo INsider, Kim Moldofsky

The following feature is part of our series on Lenovo INsiders—extra- special customers who rely on the power and versatility of Lenovo products to inspire positive changes in the world around them. This profile on Kim was written by the Lenovo Companion Content Team. 

Turning Ordinary Interests into Extraordinary Stories

Kim Moldofsky’s sons are 15 and 17—two teenage boys with a penchant for science and technology. Between the two of them, they’ve:

  • Organized a competitive robotics-building team
  • Programmed a mobile app for a student-to-student tutoring center
  • Filled the basement workshop of a 1950s home with all kinds of scientific experiments

To say the Moldofsky household is tech-savvy would be an understatement. And while Kim herself doesn’t really admit it, it’s thanks in large part to mom.

Which is sort of ironic, since Kim doesn’t consider herself a technologist. Yet the Maker Mom blogger managed to build a very successful online community simply by supporting her sons.

“You don’t have to have deep knowledge to foster a love of technology in kids,” she says. “Parents don’t need to be experts or feel intimidated. Sometimes all they really need is a facilitator.”

Kim’s original plan was to teach herself Arduino—an open-source electronics programming platform—until she realized there wasn’t much being written in the blogosphere about science, technology, engineering and math for kids beyond the preschool age. So she started a new blog dedicated to STEM-loving preteens, teens and their parents.

It was true innovation, Lenovo-style.

So when the brand found out Kim’s family was using ThinkPads and Ultrabooks to make much of their day-to-day learning possible, the company asked her to join its exclusive group of INsiders.

Together, Lenovo and Kim have found new and exciting ways to help motivate kids around the world to not only learn, but also be inspired by, technology.

Taken at face value, Kim’s modesty makes her experiences seem straightforward and simple. But it doesn’t take much digging in the depths of her blog to see them as ridiculously inspiring at the same time: raising gifted kids attending public schools, supporting tutors and teachers, finding fun ways to share her own family’s adventures in learning with the rest of the world.

They’re stories of extraordinary, ordinary leadership.

First, Kim founded #STEMchat—monthly Twitter chats designed to bring parents, educators and STEM professionals together to share resources and ideas for raising STEM-loving kids. At first she wondered if anyone would show up. Today a typical session reaches 400,000 users and makes more than four million impressions.

Not long after starting #STEMchat, Kim worked with Lenovo to equip a group of middle school code phreaks with six sleek, shiny new IdeaPads and Flex computers.

“That gift from Lenovo provided access to kids who have no computers or Internet at home, and who experience only very limited and constrained access to computers in school,” says Chicago-based elementary school teacher Brian Myers, who volunteers his Saturday mornings to teach a diverse group of kids a variety of computer programming languages.

“It made a real difference in their lives. When our club meets on Saturday mornings, some of the kids arrive an hour early to have first pick of [all donated] laptops. The Lenovos are always the first to be claimed.”

Kim also keeps local parents up-to-date on the latest Chicago-area STEM camps and classes, inspires young females with uplifting STEM girl stories and offers all kinds of STEM projects kids can replicate practically anywhere.

And through it all, she credits her insider partnership with the Lenovo team for being able to effectively educate and empower parents to embrace STEM. 

“It really expands my horizons,” she says. “As someone who’s involved in a lot of online communities, I’ve found the international INsiders one to be very unique. And very inspiring.”

Are you interested in becoming in INsider? 

Join Kim and her fellow members at Lenovo INsiders and tell us how Lenovo helps you with the things you do every day. We may just feature your story, too!