Last week I sat down with Allen to learn a little more about the man behind Eccotype.  I asked him a few questions so we all can learn a little more from this visual effects (VFX) guru. Keep an eye out for more info about Allen and Eccotype (@rndfire) on Twitter! #ThinkRevolution

Name: Allen Bolden

Title(s): Chief Architect, Eccotype and VFX Producer

How did you get into VFX?

“I always had a love for traditional art and computer science. VFX was the natural merger of both for me”

How long have you been in this industry?

“I started at 21, so 14 years now.”

What current projects are you working on? (He has SEVERAL; here are the few he could talk about!)

“I am the VFX Producer of The Hive, which will debut at Comi Con this year. This is the first movie to be jointly released (digital distribution) by Legendary Pictures and Nerdist.”

We also did some VFX work on the new season of Community for Yahoo! and Satisfaction for USA.

I am continuing to work on Eccotype (note: Eccotype is an online program that creates visual effects by the user simply typing the effects they want) because my ultimate goal as a VFX artist is to lower the barrier of entry for others. We want everyone to be able tell their stories. Eccotype will make this happen.”

Why did you start to use Lenovo Workstations?

“We’ve used several different companies for hardware; we found that Lenovo was the most consistent and reliable. We, as VFX artists, have to be agile and adaptable, these systems worked right alongside us.”

What software do you use on your systems?

“We use several, the main ones would be: MATLAB, Adobe creative suite, Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max, as well as portions of NUKE (The Foundry).”

What's next for you and your team?

“Once we’ve broken the barrier of visual effects by having Eccotype up and running, we want to give the SDK (software development kit) platform that Eccotype is based on to other industries. Our hope is that more innovative solutions can be created from this SDK. We know others will come up with solutions we couldn’t dream of!”