Managed Service Providers — Protect your Clients against Cyber Attacks

As a managed service provider, you encounter cyber attacks almost on a daily bases. What can you do to protect your clients’ applications and secure their data centers against cyber criminals?

To stay in business, you must guarantee uptime and availability for your clients’ critical applications. By eliminating single points of failure in the data centers, application uptime is maximized. However, sometimes servers are attacked by anonymous hackers that paralyze the network and put your clients’ business-critical workloads at risk.

How do you thwart these attacks? The first step is to identify the attack and recognize which connection request to the application is legit and which request is a threat. This identification should be done before the request consumes resources that affect the application. Solarflare is a leading provider of application-intelligent networking I/O software and hardware that accelerate, monitor and secure network data. They specialize in solutions that are able to do this identification in the hardware without touching the applications. Solarflare’s network adapters have onboard accelerators that can actually block connection requests that are identified as hostile.

These 10Gb Ethernet adapters from Solarflare are available for System x servers as fully supported factory options and can be purchased directly from Lenovo or Lenovo authorized resellers. In addition to the security features, these adapters deliver industry-leading low latency and high performance.

Solarflare has organized a number of Next-Generation Network events in EMEA to help managed service providers keep their clients’ data safe. Lenovo is a diamond sponsor of the Next-Generation Network Events in EMEA. Lenovo and Solarflare are a perfect match for managed service providers that value the security and protection of their clients’ workloads.

Reach out to your Lenovo representative and learn more about Lenovo servers and how Lenovo and Solarflare can help you, or read more about Solarflare adapters for System x servers.