Lose the Wires, Not the Experience: ThinkPad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard

A year ago I wrote a blog post about how difficult it is to make the ThinkPad keyboard wireless. After a year and a few days I’m glad to report that we made it! We already announced the ThinkPad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard at CES 2013 with great success.

So what can you expect?

This is a great keyboard that matches the look and feel of the T430u keyboard. It is full size, but still very compact. Most of the people who see the keyboard for the first time have the impression that the keyboard is smaller than the one on our ThinkPad and try to put it on their ThinkPad to compare – this is too funny! They are the same size.

The keyboard comes in two versions – USB and Bluetooth. We have overcome all battery issues in order to keep the traditional Trackpoint without a drain on the battery. So you can enjoy the traditional red rubber Trackpoint!

I personally feel like it is best keyboard to be used with docked notebooks and tablets. Compared to some keyboards out there, this one has the pointing device to operate in Windows in compact form and shape - so important in these days. And if you are using the All-In-One or Tiny, this is the ideal choice. I mean, the compact keyboard fits space saving computers perfectly. Particularly when some All-In-One computers have an optional Bluetooth.

I was using the previous generation of this keyboard with servers – slide into rack, hold the keyboard with pointer in one hand and operate input by the other. And yes – we know it does not feature a numpad – as it would defeat its compactness wouldn’t it?

As a PM, I love to know how the products are being used. Please share how you plan to use your ThinkPad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard.