LinkedIn Group - Lenovo Partner Network, North America

Channel partners generate 85 percent of Lenovo’s business. We understand that to continue growing our business, we have to make every effort to help you grow yours. And to accomplish that, ongoing communication between Lenovo and our partners is a must.

That’s why we are launching Lenovo Partner Network North America LinkedIn Group, and we invite you to become active participants. Our goal is to create a forum for a free exchange of ideas about topics directly pertaining to Lenovo and to industry news and trends. We will use the forum to share our thinking on Lenovo products and strategies, and solicit your feedback and suggestions.

We want to hear from you. By telling us what’s on your mind, you can help us provide you with the support you need to close more deals and find new customers. We want to know what challenges you face and opportunities you see.

Over time, we hope the content you read here, the information you share, and the connections you make will help you achieve – even exceed – your business goals. Once you join the group, you can share articles, post and answer questions, and give us feedback.

In our most recent financial quarter, Lenovo achieved the No. 1 position in the PC market, thanks primarily to a 30 percent increase in sales through our channel partners. It was the 17th consecutive quarter in which Lenovo outperformed the rest of the PC industry. During the quarter, we shipped 15.3 million PCs worldwide and a record 3.4 million tablets.

We know many more opportunities lay ahead – for us and for you. So please join us today, let us know what’s on your mind, and let’s continue working together to seize those opportunities.