Last week, I thought we were taking a short break from the day-to-day business of technology. Volunteers at Lenovo Enterprise Business Group (EBG) partnered with a United States-based organization known as the USO to assemble bicycles for US military families in an initiative called Operation: That’s My Ride.

I see now that I had it wrong. In today’s world, there is no break. Technology is inextricably woven into everything from the most significant moments to the most mundane days in our lives.

Working in two hour shifts, Lenovo volunteers sat on the floor in hallways and stairwells with wrenches, screwdrivers, Spider-man* banana seats and pink princess handlebars strewn around them. We built more than 200 bikes. All the while, we were flanked by technology devices that have become as essential to us as arms and legs.

Some volunteers arrived with smartphones. Others wore fitness bands and watches. Still others carried tote bags and briefcases containing tablets or laptops. Upon completion of our tasks, we took to the stairs and elevators to return to computers connected by a world of still more technology — the servers, storage and networks that run not only our Lenovo global corporate environment, but also a diverse range of everything from small businesses to large enterprises around the world.

Yes, our lives are constantly dependent upon the broad range of technology Lenovo offers. For the military families, we were to meet that day, however, that dependency takes on a much more important dimension: technology is their lifeline.

Several years ago, for my two cousins — brothers who did back-to-back tours in Afghanistan — laptop and cell phone technology were crucial. Both had wives who were pregnant when they shipped out. Both were encamped on the other side of the world in active duty on the days their children were born. Personal technology devices gave them the one-to-one connections they so desperately needed to confirm the healthy births of their babies and the status of their wives.  What’s more, business technology ensured the continuity of the services upon which their loved ones depended. Federal governmental services, healthcare organizations, state government programs, utility grids, financial institutions, schools, transportation networks and other critical infrastructure all are driven by the range of technology manufactured by Lenovo EBG.

After the bicycle experience, the importance of what we do as a company again hit home for me. Not only do we touch people on special volunteer days, but also, our technology touches each of us every day — as we carry out our day-to-day lives, as we work, and even as we venture out in the service of our respective countries. True to our new corporate mantra, we at Lenovo — and you, our customers — never stand still.

*Wikipedia,, (June 24, 2015)

Original art by Kathy Holoman