Leverage Fair Market Value To Drive Hardware Sales

As a seasoned professional with over 15 years in selling services, I’m excited to have the opportunity to share my thoughts and best practices for selling Lenovo Services. My name is Nellie Scott, Channel Services Program Manager, and I look forward to bringing information and strategies that will help you leverage Lenovo Services as real-time solutions to real-time challenges. Remember if you don’t talk about services as solutions…..your competition will. Do you know how much your customers’ older systems are worth on the market today? Are you using this information to influence your customer’s decision to refresh their hardware? Good asset management requires your customers to assess what to do with outdated systems? Extend their lifecycle? OR Refresh their install base. It is a decision greatly based on economics and one that you can influence by factoring in the fair market value of their existing systems into the purchase of new systems. First, you need to know what they have, how old are their systems and whether there is any value left.

  1. A great way to get started is to USE the most current Lenovo Fair Market Value Grid, which you can obtain through our Services Support Center or Lenovo Partner Portal under Asset Recovery Services
  2. Give it to your customers and start engaging in conversations.
  3. Bring financial thought leadership to these discussions, remembering that different customers process value propositions differently. For example, some customers will see the benefit in:
  4. Value Recovery– where they will actually get any value left in their assets back in the form of a check, which they can then add it directly to their bottom line. Specifically, look for customers who have “orphaned assets,” which are systems left behind from prior workforce reductions. Buy Back– Same concept as Value Recovery; but some customers think about it in the sense that we would be “buying back” old assets that still have value. Price Offset– While customers recognizing the value proposition of Value Recovery and Buy Back as two ways to recover valuewithout tying it to the purchase of new hardware; other customers may appreciate the idea of leveraging any remaining value recovered to offsetthe purchase of new hardware.

If you need assistance:

1. Contact your Lenovo Representative and ask us about Asset Recovery Services 
2. Request information through Lenovo Services support Center via chat tool or e-mail 

• Chat Tool: www.lenovo.com/ssc
• E-Mail: ssc@lenovo.com

Nellie Scott 
Channel Services Program Manager
Lenovo North America