Lenovo’s Partnership with Emoji Artist Yung Jake Makes Everyone an Artist

By Lindsay Kirkman, Digital Content Marketing Manager at Lenovo

In our digital world, where World Emoji Day is celebrated and a picture is worth more than a thousand words, emojis are a wildly popular form of verbal and visual expression. Artist Yung Jake is taking this form of visual expression one step farther, creating original pieces of art using emojis as his paintbrush and virtual canvas.

Lenovo partnered with Yung Jake, who is also a rapper, on a new web app that enables users to create their own original emoji art. With the launch of his virtual paint palette filled with Android emojis, users recently had the opportunity to participate in an Emoji Art creation contest. The winner of a #LenovoSurprise is Rachman Rezza Azhari for his piece of emoji art:

Yung Jake’s original pieces show unmatched creativity, and demonstrate how a love for tech and a passion for art can create something truly extraordinary. Any maybe even a little #GoodWeird. To inspire other fans and artists, Yung Jake recently created an emoji portrait of Lenovo’s CEO, Yang Yuanqing, pictured above.

We had the opportunity to speak with Yung Jake about what inspires him, and what drives his creativity. See below for what this techie artist had to say about this work.

Lenovo: Yung Jake, are you an artist who got interested in tech, or a techie who got interested in art? Or both?

Yung Jake: Both.

Lenovo: How does technology influence your art?

Yung Jake: A lot of my art is influenced by the platform it's presented on. I like my work to feel genuine to its environment—the content should fit the stage.

Lenovo: Along those same lines, I noticed if you look at your art close up it is completely different than if you step back and take the whole thing in at once. Is each emoji you chose a conscious decision that represents something, or do you just pick randomly?

Yung Jake: I mainly pick based on what they look like for shading and color purposes, but sometimes as they relate to the subject.

Lenovo: Can you explain your thought process behind the YY portrait?

Yung Jake: Good question. With that portrait I wanted to keep to the tech theme, so I used a lot of mouses, keyboards, phones, computers, etc.

Lenovo: Is there a benefit to building the app on Android vs. another platform?

Yung Jake: It’s good to have the app available to as many users as possible. Also, it’s fun to play with a whole new array of emojis!

Lenovo: What's the best advice you can give to someone just starting out using the app?

Yung Jake: Just have fun and draw what is in your heart!