Lenovo@CES – More Than Meets the Eye

Lenovo’s presence at CES every year has become synonymous with unveiling wow products or new features previously unseen and winning more show awards than anybody else. Thinking back to Yoga tablet with its unique cylindrical battery, the Horizon all-in-one desktop that showed how families can interact together around a PC, the Lenovo IdeaPad U1 that defined the hybrid detachable category or even further back, the ThinkPad W700ds, the world’s first dual screen mobile workstation.

Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds

This year is no different with the expanded X1 family showing Lenovo’s ongoing commitment to innovation. However, often these “star” products overshadow the bread and butter products, the business PCs that have come to define Lenovo in recent years. In this blog, I want to take the opportunity to highlight some of these products making their first appearance at CES that will offer our customers the breadth of choice to select which PC or accessory best fits their needs as one size does not necessarily fit all.

A New Generation of Customer

We must also better understand our customers and their technology needs. The next generation workforce is emerging rapidly. Young professionals and IT decision makers are exerting more influence in product selection and arguably have a greater understanding of technology since many of them have grown up with it. They know what they want and they expect it to meet their needs and work out of the box.As the number one PC vendor worldwide, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. The market continues to face challenges from smart connected devices and slower growth in emerging markets. But our ambition remains to continue to grow faster than the market and reach 30 percent share. To achieve this, we must continue on our path of creating amazing products with a purposeful design, trusted quality and with a relentless pursuit of innovation.

These energetic and enthusiastic forward thinkers are inspiring a renewed focus on technology that makes a difference. A recent Lenovo survey of more than 7000 customers highlighted that performance, security, mobility and durability were at the top of the desirability list. Nothing unusual there until you look deeper into how they expect these attributes to work for them. They want performance but not at the sacrifice of mobility and that are secure but do not impact on their ability to work virtually anywhere. They seek durability and reliability with the peace of mind of better warranty options and global support services.

The latest generation ThinkPad family has been designed with these progressive customers in mind. It makes clear references to our ThinkPad heritage but integrates the latest technologies to create a broad portfolio of business notebooks. Featuring the latest Intel Core processors, super-fast Samsung NVMe solid state storage options and memory options up to 32Gb, the new models offer superior performance across the range. Mobility is enhanced with the inclusion of an optional Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A 4G+ wireless WAN that significantly improves connection out of the office, especially when taking advantage of battery life lasting up to 24 hours in some models. ThinkPad was the first business notebook to integrate hardware security more than ten years ago and has never looked back. All ThinkPad models include enterprise-class a Trusted Platform Module security chip and manageability to reduce total cost of ownership. And all ThinkPad notebooks are MilSpec tested. In other words, they are durable, seriously durable.

ThinkPad Heritgae Reloaded

ThinkPad T series has been the workhorse notebook of thousands of companies since the ThinkPad T20 appeared in May 2000. Today’s T series may be substantially lighter, thinner and far more powerful, but the ThinkPad design heritage remains. The new ThinkPad T460 and T560 deliver incredible battery life with scalable performance through a wide range of screen resolutions, storage and memory configurations. The ThinkPad T460s offers the same performance and durability, but in a thinner and lighter package. Just 18.8mm thin and weighing less than 3.0 pounds, this 14-inch notebook is designed for the business professional who likes to travel light but needs a durable ultrabook with the performance to conduct the most rigorous tasks in or out of the office. Power users will want the ThinkPad T460p. With a WQHD IPS display, discrete graphics, up to 32GB DDR4 memory and powered by Intel 6th generation H series quad core processors, this notebook delivers on all fronts.

Lenovo ThinkPad T460s

Other ThinkPad models get similar makeovers. ThinkPad X260 answers the demand for a very light 12-inch ultrabook with astonishing battery life. The X260 with optional battery can deliver over 21 hours. Nearly enough for a full day of work and an all night movie-fest! The latest ThinkPad L460 and L560 will provide Mil-Spec durability and ThinkPad confidence within a high-value package.

Turning to education for a minute, students and educators often need a notebook that offers exceptional value and balances mobility and productivity. With the option of Windows or Chrome operating systems, the new ThinkPad 13 offers real flexibility making it also ideal for some business professionals. With multiple input/output options including a USB type C port, the ThinkPad 13 does not skimp on features. It also includes SSD storage and up to 16GB memory on the Windows model. It is the first ThinkPad to support Chrome for Business. Oh and did I mention Mil-Spec durability.

Lenovo ThinkPad 13 

Finally, no ThinkPad is complete without often needed accessories. The ThinkPad Stack system of interchangeable accessories proved a big hit at CES last year. This year, the range has been expanded with new options. The new ThinkPad Stack Mobile Projector is a standalone 150 lumens 720p Projector with a rechargeable battery and speaker. Including embedded wireless with Miracast, cable free projection is possible. The ThinkPad Stack Charging Station is the first of its kind to offer a consolidated wireless solution that can supply both data and power for smart phones. With a wireless charging pad and a wireless dongle, the kit provides a simple way to backup and charge your phone without the trouble of managing cables or multiple connections.   

In a desk environment, you also need a screen. Ergonomically and to minimize eye strain, an external display is an essential addition at work or in the home office. The latest ThinkVision X24 Pro further improves last year’s design. With an integrated Intel 3D RealSense camera and multiple ports including USB type C, the X24 Pro enhances any desk-based solution. It also comes with its own selection of optional accessories including a WiGig Bar for wireless connectivity to suitably equipped notebooks or desktops and a Wireless Charging Stand using AirFuel™ charging standards based on Rezence technology for charging compatible mobile phones.

Lenovo ThinkVision X24 Pro

The Desktop PC is Dead? We Don't Think So. 

Lenovo redefined the business desktop category with its ThinkCentre Tiny. An ultra-small form factor desktop with full features. We then took it a step further with the ThinkCentre-in-One. A clever display with an integrated mount on the rear to slot the ThinkCentre Tiny into to keep the flexibility of a separate desktop and display option but with the design appearance of an all-in-one. Quite ingenious and very popular.

At CES, we are announcing the 2nd generation ThinkCentre-in-One 22 and 24 (TIO). With a more refined design and anti-glare display, the new TIO, available in 21.5-inch and 23.8-inch configurations, now also comes with a touchscreen option. It is also even simpler to setup. A ThinkCentre Tiny just slots in to the back and you are ready to go, no manual connections, no secondary power, just slide in and power on.

Design AND Substance

YOGA 900 Business Edition and MIIX 700 Business Edition are ideal to Bring Your Own Device to work or for your work to offer Choose Your Own Device. You may have seen our recent announcement of the consumer version of these products, wanted one, but then realized that your IT department would never allow them. So how about business optimized versions?Maybe you don’t want a ThinkPad, I can’t think why! You might be looking for something with a more exuberant design but you need business-class security and management features. You are also looking for the next generation of 2-in-1 devices to give you total flexibility on how and where you can use your notebook. Unsurprisingly, we have something for you. Or rather, two things.

YOGA 900 BE includes all the same design features as its consumer namesake such as watchband hinge, multimode capability and amazingly thin and light at just 2.8 pounds and 14.4mm. But also has enterprise security features with a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip and extended warranty options to keep your IT department happy.

MIIX 700 BE offers the same enterprise features, but in a detachable 2-in-1 form factor. Weighing just 2.44 pounds, it includes a 12-inch 2160x1440 tablet display with 400nits brightness and Gorilla Glass and an Intel RealSense R200 3D camera.

In Summary

Living up to the “one size does not fit all” ethic, at CES this year, we are showing that customers should and do have choice. Some may think that there is too much choice, but we disagree. Next time you go into a new car showroom, have a look at how many models they have and then look at the options list available. The breadth of choice isn’t there because the manufacturers want it, it’s because the customers want it. Our broad portfolio is designed to offer what customers are looking for in terms of technology, to best meet their needs and help them build the companies of tomorrow.

When Can I Get it and How Much Will it Cost Me?

ThinkPad T460s, T460 and T560, T460p will be available from February, starting at $1059, $909, $969, $1249 respectively.ThinkPad availability and pricing:

ThinkPad X260 will be available from February, starting at $929.

ThinkPad L460 and L560 will be available from Feb, starting at $749 and $779 respectively.

ThinkPad Stack Mobile Projector and Stack Charging Station will be available from April 2016, starting at $399 and $49.99 respectively.

ThinkPad 13 will be available from Q2, starting at $449

ThinkVision X24 Pro will be available from June, starting at $399.

ThinkCentre TIO II will be available from May, starting at $239 for 21.5-inch and $269 for 23.8-inch.

Lenovo YOGA 900 Business Edition will be available via special bids only from February.

Lenovo MIIX 700 Business Edition will be available from April, starting prices will be quoted closer to availability date.