LenovoCare Premium Support helps you start DOing more now

I didn’t know it could DO that! So, you finally did it.  After months of web research, shopping, and questions at Best Buy, you’re bringing home that shiny new PC.  It’s like Christmas all over again!  You open the box, unwrap it slowly like that favorite present you remember opening when you were a kid.  Styrofoam, plastic wrap, and protective seals thrown aside, plugged in, whiz, whirr, click and there it is.  It’s up, it’s running, and it’s perfect…… NOW WHAT?? What do you do?  Cables, cables everywhere!  Applications, software, features, personalization?  Where to begin?  You’re not the only one that may ask those questions.  Many of us, including myself, wouldn’t know how to set up a new PC if our lives depended on it.  We save our talents for other things! But don’t panic quite yet.  There is help, only a phone call away!  LenovoCare Premium Support PC Set Up and Configuration Service offers convenient, over the phone, or remote support from the comfort of your own home.  Set up and personalize your new “baby”, and at the same time, learn what it can DO for you!  Did you know that your system may have a One Key Recovery button that in one step can burn you a recovery/back-up CD?  Skype, e-mail, anti-virus, you’ll be up and running in no time.

To learn more about LenovoCare Premium Support, and how it can help you get things DONE, check out our Premium Support offerings or call 1-877-737-1082 for additional information. - Amy Milslagle