Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus: Meet Your New Personal TV

Do you remember discovering your first tablet, and realizing that you could take this portable TV-like device anywhere you wanted? Top quality movies and TV shows on the go – a dream for commuters, families, and intrepid travelers alike. Reality soon caught up, however, as you awkwardly tried to come to grips with holding your tablet one-handed for hours while binge-watching your way through an entire season of Stranger Things, or strained your ears and eyes to adjust to an audio and visual experience that was more akin to watching through a letterbox than immersing yourself in an IMAX theater.

The new Yoga Tab 3 Plus has been built to be the on-the-go entertainment powerhouse for the entire family, featuring beautiful 2K display and Technicolor Color Enhance technology, loud high-quality cinematic moving audio, and four modes for total flexibility no matter what you’re watching – all packaged up with long battery life.

We know from research that more than 76 percent of people use their tablets in bed, 67 percent use them as a sofa companion and 58 percent bring them to their desks or dining tables. 

Here’s what the Yoga Tab 3 Plus brings to the table (and sofa, and commute, and long-haul flight…):

Splash-proof: The Yoga Tab 3 Plus’ simple versatility makes it the perfect bath-side companion, whether you’re watching your favorite show with a glass of wine or keeping the kids entertained during bath time. That’s why we’ve built in a splash-proof IP51 screen for total peace of mind in the bathroom, kitchen and beyond.

Smart design: A device that allows you to continue watching or browsing no matter what you're doing needs to look the part. With a leather-like texture and premium metal kickstand, the Yoga Tab 3 Plus is your stylish companion for the home and outdoors.

The full and unexpected cinematic experience – all from a tablet: With a 10.1-inch screen with 2K display, Technicolor Color Enhance and Dolby Atmos® three dimensional sound from four front-facing JBL speakers, you can watch and hear your favorite TV shows and movies like never before, anywhere you want – not just on the sofa.

Video and audio casting features: Take advantage of the great screen and sound on the Yoga Tab 3 Plus with the Lenovo Media Cast. Stream audio (via Bluetooth®) and video (via Miracast®) to your Yoga Tab 3 Plus from another device for the best quality screen and speakers that you can share with friends and family – wherever you are.

Four modes for comfortable viewing around the home: Run out of patience with trying to stand your tablet up or coming to grips with a heavy device while binge-watching your favorite TV shows and movies? The Yoga Tab 3 is the only series built with four modes to deliver total usability wherever you’re watching: stand, tilt, hold or hang. You choose, everytime.

Long lasting battery: There’s no point having all of these features if you’re constantly keeping an eye on how much power you have available. The good news is that the Yoga Tab 3 Plus comes with a 9300 mAh smart power management battery with over 18 hours of battery life – that means two whole seasons of Mr. Robot or Orange is the New Black, or non-stop entertainment throughout a long-haul flight – all on one charge. Plus, with a 24w fast charger you’re never far away from a quick top up.

Joining the esteemed family series that has already introduced the Yoga Tab 3 and Yoga Tab 3 Pro into the world, the Yoga Tab 3 Plus completes the portfolio and brings the Yoga experience to all price points. If you’re looking for a device that lets you take your own immersive entertainment with you anywhere around the house or outside, the Yoga Tab 3 Plus is it.