Lenovo X6 Systems Post World-Record Benchmark—AGAIN!

I wasn’t expecting to be talking benchmarks again so soon, but Lenovo has published yet another world-record performance result and the best price/performance ever on the non-clustered TPC-H™ benchmark @3,000GB scale. This new result showcases the capability of the Lenovo System x3850 X6 with the latest Intel Xeon E7 processor technology running Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

The TPC Benchmark™ H (TPC-H) (from tpc.org) is a decision support benchmark that can project performance in a data warehouse environment. It consists of a suite of business oriented ad-hoc queries and concurrent data modifications chosen to have broad industry-wide relevance. This benchmark illustrates decision support systems that examine large volumes of data, execute queries with a high degree of complexity, and give answers to critical business questions. However, it cannot answer who took the last of the coffee and didn’t make more.

The System x3850 X6 server produced nearly one million queries per hour H, and delivered them at a price performance level of $0.72/QphH. Both of these marks bested the previous record held by the Cisco C460 M4, by 33 percent. The x3850 X6’s actual scores, (according to the very smart guys downstairs who run the benchmarks), were:

  • 969,504.2 QphH™ @3,000GB (queries per hour H) at $0.72 USD / QphH @3,000GB

The x3850 X6 achieved this record level of data warehouse performance using Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition. The x3850 X6 was configured with Intel Xeon E7-8890 v3 processors at 2.50 GHz (4 processors/72 cores/144 threads) and 3TB of memory. This result highlights a tightly integrated optimized Microsoft SQL solution on the Lenovo X6 server. The benchmark showcases the ability to process large amounts of data using this solution. 

All results are as of March 23, 2016. You can read about the x3850 X6’s results here. And for comparison, view the Cisco C460 M4 results here.  For more information about the TPC organization, visit their web page