Lenovo Workstations Team Heads to The Big Easy for SEG 2015

In October, the Lenovo Workstation team made its annual pilgrimage to the 2015 Society of Exploration Geophysics (SEG) International Exposition and Annual Meeting. Held in New Orleans this year, SEG is the biggest geoscience exhibition in North America, with an audience comprising geoscience industry professionals from more than 70 countries and representing the fields of oil, gas and mineral exploration. It’s a great event for attendees to have the opportunity to build new skills, network with their peers and learn more about the new and innovative products and services that are reshaping their industries.

From a terrific booth location right in the thick of the action, Lenovo was equipped to showcase the best in mobile, desktop and server-based workstation hardware for this audience. Some highlights included:

  • Partnering with NVIDIA for the event and showcasing the company’s new Quadro Maxwell desktop and mobile GPUs, including being the only hardware company to demonstrate the new GPUs in a mobile workstation
  • Featuring our new Lenovo ThinkPad P70 mobile workstation, which drew major accolades from attendees, many of whom were wowed by the blazing performance of the system as well as the machine’s size and weight
  • Showcasing the power of the Lenovo ThinkStation P900, our best-performing desktop workstation and “the most powerful deskside workstation we’ve ever tested,” according to GraphicSpeak, and reminding attendees that it remains the only workstation to run 3x NVIDIA Quadro M6000 GPUs
  • Showing off the latest in ISV applications from our partners, including HUE, CGG InsightEarth and Paradigm

In addition to showing some of these ISV applications in our booth, Lenovo workstations also powered demonstrations of these applications in the booths of the software makers themselves, including HUE/Headwave, Sharp Reflections and Fraunhofer.

Because SEG’s audience of geologists and geophysicists is constantly seeking new innovations and ways to use technology to improve productivity, it was critical that we bring our “A” game to this demanding crowd. Judging from the responses we received, it’s safe to say we did just that. By demonstrating our most powerful systems and configurations, we showed that Lenovo’s workstations are more than capable of handling professionals’ demanding workflows. It was a great event, and our team is looking forward to heading back next year.

SEG was a great event for Lenovo Workstations, allowing us to keep a prominent voice within the oil and gas industry. Check out our next blog of our adventures and launches at Autodesk University in December!