Lenovo Workstations at PTC Live Global 2015

I’ve just returned from the annual PTC Live Global event, the largest annual gathering of PTC users in the world (more than 2,000 attendees), and I’m happy to report that it was a hugely successful event for Lenovo Workstations. During the event, we showed our latest and greatest P Series desktop workstations as well as our diverse lineup of mobile workstations and server offerings. In addition, we used this event to launch our new 10 x 20 booth, a new, beautifully designed space that served as the ideal venue to demonstrate our powerful machines. 

As always, PTC was an excellent place to interact with our Lenovo Workstation customers and have great conversations about the work they are doing. Overall, we interacted with more than 400 eager customers and other PTC users, all of whom offered their praise of our products and interest in exploring further conversations. Many of these users spent time taking apart our P Series desktop workstations (thanks to the tool-less configuration and clear red touch points), and all were mightily impressed. Others were similarly wowed by the light weight and long, long battery life of our ThinkPad W550s mobile workstation.

PTC users represent some of the most innovative designers and engineers running some of the most resource-intensive applications available in the industry. PTC Live Global represented a perfect opportunity for us to connect with these users face-to-face and have smart conversations about how our Lenovo Workstations can help them become more productive in their efforts to innovate in their industries.

In all, it was a great event, and we’re looking forward to next year’s PTC Live Global event.