Lenovo Workstation Team Gears Up For EAGE 2014

As some of you may recall, last year I wrote an article on how the ThinkStation group had worked to achieve various application certifications to support upstream exploration workflows in the Oil & Gas industry.  Well, today, I’m proud to announce that this month we will be exhibiting our full line of professional ThinkStation desktop workstations, ThinkPad mobile workstations and solutions capabilities at the 76th Annual European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) conference in Amsterdam. 

Since 1951, EAGE has brought together the very best in commercial scientific practices, academic research and new technology to help drive innovation and efficiencies in Oil & Gas and Near Surface Geosciences. 

EAGE draws nearly 7,000 commercial and academic professionals from around the world to discuss and promote new advancements in geophysics, petroleum and reservoir engineering, mining and civil engineering methodologies. 

So what might one expect to see from Lenovo at EAGE?

Well, in addition to getting a glimpse of the newly designed P300, Lenovo’s latest and newly redesigned entry level workstation, showgoers will have an opportunity to experience a wide range of new and exciting technologies.  Attendees will get a look at Lenovo’s new fully virtualized and GRID enabled workstation, designed to support even the most robust and demanding 3D visualization requirements.  Powered by Citrix and NVIDIA’s new vGPU enabled K2 GRID graphics platform, the solution utilizes powerful compression and remote software from Nice to deliver unprecedented performance, from virtually any end-user, anywhere. 

But the innovation does not stop there; Lenovo will also be exhibiting a revolutionary solution design to take computational visualization to new heights.  Lenovo teamed up with Hue, NVIDIA and Magma to deliver a powerful new platform that has the power to simulate and visualize terabytes of seismic data in just seconds, compared to hours or days. The combined solution leveraged the Lenovo D30 ThinkStation, up to (8) NVIDIA Tesla K40 cards and GPU expansion technology from Magma to support the computationally intensive workflow from Hue software.  A spokesperson from Hue summed it up well by saying,

“We’ve built our business on creating innovative software applications that allow geophysicist to execute incredibly complex algorithms in a fraction of the time of other applications.  We’re proud to have taken part in this effort to create a solution that promises to have a major impact in the oil and gas industry.”  

In addition to new GRID and HPC technology, Lenovo will be showcasing our full line of award-winning notebooks and tablet products, as well as our new 4K displays.
Lenovo continues to forge ahead with new and innovative solutions to support exploration sciences, stay tuned to this blog to learn more about how Lenovo is delivering innovation to Those Who Do!

Please remember to come and visit us at booth 3236 during EAGE next week!  If you are unable to attend, follow @ThinkStations on Twitter to experience the conference from home.