Lenovo Vibes Out

Lenovo welcomed partners and customers to its lounge tonight in Barcelona as it introduced the Vibe Z and Vibe X smartphones to guests at the show.

The Vibe smartphone series is one of Lenovo’s flagship products at Mobile World Congress (MWC), and is one of the most talked about offerings by visitors to the booth.

“The Vibe Brand is all about users who want to use their mobile device and connect to their environment to tell their individual story and journey,” said Lenovo Ambassador Ashley Rodrigue who then introduced Executive Vice President of Lenovo Business Group, Liu Jun.

“This is my third trip to join MWC,” commented Liu Jun. “My first trip in 2011 was when I took over Lenovo’s mobile business, when we were just a PC company. Last year we had a private booth in a small corner, but this year, we have a very big booth here at the show. And during those three years, Lenovo’s mobile business has made very significant progress, with our smartphone sales covering half of the world!”

Liu Jun gave special thanks to the European partners in the room, many of whom have played a significant role in Lenovo’s smartphone launches all throughout the region. He also had another, very special announcement for the crowd.

“It is my great privilege to announce we will continue Lenovo’s partnership with Kobe Bryant for the next two years!”

As the crowd cheered the news, Liu Jun played a special video from Lenovo’s brand ambassador. Kobe gave a special greeting to the crowd since he’s unable to attend MWC in Barcelona during the NBA season. “The K900 is thin and light, yet powerful – which is how I like to play basketball,” said Bryant.

After Liu Jun’s comments, Barcelona sensation, San Marino, took the stage to play for the crowd.