Lenovo Updates Notebook Offerings Designed for K-12 Institutions

We announced today at the Florida Education Technology Conference (FETC) an expanded notebook lineup designed specifically to provide students and educators in K-12 institutions with an elevated learning experience by continually innovating and improving reliability. The ThinkPad® 11e family, now in its sixth generation, and the Lenovo N22 notebooks are a direct result of Lenovo’s continued investment in meeting the needs of education institutions. Both families were developed by Lenovo’s education solutions group which seeks to develop smart, thoughtful technology to increase productivity, efficiency, and innovation in education.

Designed with reliability in mind to guard against classroom wear and tear, and to protect investment in the technology, the ThinkPad 11e family and the Lenovo N22 family include rugged features such as spill-resistant keyboards to protect from liquid accidents (no, not those kind!), peel-resistant keys to safeguard the all-important letters and numbers, and strengthened hinges, covers, and ports that get frequent “kid treatment”. Beyond the military standard testing procedures (mil-SPEC), the ThinkPad 11e family undergoes an additional 19 procedures including temperature variations and vibration tests to further ensure the products can withstand the rigors of the classroom environment.

Sam Morris, our Global Education Solutions Architect, said: “We continue to seek ways to support an enriched, heightened education environment for all institutions. We are constantly seeking feedback from customers and educators about how we can better serve them with our devices, and the Lenovo ThinkPad 11e and Lenovo N22 families are a direct result of key experiential learnings. As a company, Lenovo recognizes the important role technology plays in the classroom and in a student’s education. Ensuring that students have access to highest quality of digital tools was the driving force behind Lenovo’s newest families of devices.”

He’s right. Technology has become a fundamental part of today’s classrooms and education institutions need technology they can depend upon that delivers the performance and flexibility they need without blowing the entire years’ budget.

Jerry Paradise, executive director, ThinkPad product marketing agrees: “We understand that technology in the classroom is a large investment, and it is our goal to produce the highest quality devices that are reliable and empower students and teachers through innovative form and function in the classroom environment. “The ThinkPad 11e and Lenovo N22 families have been engineered to be exceptionally durable and thus ideal for students in K-12 classrooms.”

Lenovo, a leader in education industry technology, not only produces hardware but also software including AirClass which creates a live digital training environment accessible at the convenience of the student. A testament to their industry leadership, Lenovo and the National Academy Foundation support STEM education throughout the United States with the Lenovo Scholar Network which provides innovative curriculum and technology exposure to encourage STEM interest among high school students.

ThinkPad 11e Family:

  • The ThinkPad 11e family is available as a traditional laptop or Lenovo’s innovative Yoga multimode form-factor with its four iconic modes – Laptop, Stand, Tent, and Tablet—making it one of the most flexible and intuitive devices for use in classrooms. Models are available with either Microsoft Windows or the Google Chrome operating system and can be powered by up to Intel® Core™ i3 processors. An 11.6-inch HD display provides crystal clear viewing, a 2x2 AC WiFi card delivers reliable connectivity, and a large battery offers all-day charge for use in the classroom.
  • The ThinkPad Yoga 11e models support Active Pen technology and additional screen protection with Corning Gorilla Glass. The Active Pen delivers the familiarity and simplicity of using pen and paper in a digital environment so you can write directly on the screen.
  • The ThinkPad 11e family offers a range of services to meet the unique needs of education institutions, including optional asset tagging, BIOS modifications, laser engraving, and custom imaging.

Lenovo N22 Family:

  • The Lenovo N22 notebook family was built with the specific needs of students in mind. Featuring a number of educational rugged features, it is now available with either Microsoft Windows or Google Chrome operating system. Models feature an 11.6-inch HD display, WiFi and are powered by an Intel dual-core Celeron® N3050 processor. A large battery provides all-day charge for greater productivity.

ThinkPad 11e will be available starting in February and prices will start at $429.

ThinkPad Yoga 11e will be available starting in March and prices will start at $499

ThinkPad 11e Chromebook will be available starting in March and prices will start at $349.

ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook will be available starting in April and prices will start at $419.

Lenovo N22 Windows will be available starting in February and prices will start at $229.

Lenovo N22 Chromebook will be available starting in March and prices will start at $199.