Lenovo ThinkSystem DS Series Storage Reimagines Performance Economics with World Record Benchmark

Lenovo’s ThinkSystem portfolio of servers, storage and networking solutions has seen an outstanding run of world record benchmarks since its unveiling at our inaugural Transform event in June, with the new server line setting 42 number one performance records according to industry leading benchmark organizations1. Building on this foundation of performance success, today we’re pleased to add another world record benchmark to the list: the ThinkSystem DS Series Storage has achieved the number one price/performance score ranking in the Storage Performance Council’s SPC-1 v3 benchmark.

In today’s diverse and ever-changing data management market, customers are increasingly operating workloads like database, video surveillance, backup, archive and high-performance computing (HPC) tasks. Each of these workloads demands high performance and reliability from a storage solution, but in many cases, legacy vendors package these capabilities with other expensive features that customers may not need but are required to pay extra for. 

With no legacy architectures to restrict innovation, Lenovo storage solutions, including the DS Series, are changing fundamental storage economics for customers by delivering essential features and efficient high performance with significant savings over traditional legacy storage solutions. The ThinkSystem DS Series includes Rapid Technology, such as Rapid Data Placement Engine and Rapid RAID Rebuild, to deliver high performance and high availability for all flash storage and hybrid SAN storage.

The DS Series is also available in three performance levels, the DS2200, DS4200, and DS6200, to address a variety of data-intensive workloads ranging from databases, backup and archive, media streaming and departmental high-performance computing (HPC) and OpenStack for small- to medium-sized (SMB) and enterprise customers.

This latest benchmark is an essential proof point that storage performance can be affordable, and reaffirms Lenovo’s commitment to disrupting the legacy status quo for customers. For businesses and clients looking for the most performance from every dollar spent, the DS Series delivers extreme flexibility and performance features like maximum IOPS and high availability that customers require now and in the future – without breaking the bank. 

To learn more about the ThinkSystem DS Series products, including additional details on the Rapid Technology features, visit the Lenovo ThinkSystem DS Series product web page or view the DS Series video.

About Storage Performance Council

Storage Performance Council (SPC) is a non-profit corporation founded to define, standardize and promote storage benchmarks and to disseminate objective, verifiable storage performance data to the computer industry and its customers.

The SPC-1 benchmark is a true appraisal of enterprise storage performance and measures total IOPS, price-performance (cost per IOPS), and total cost of ownership (which includes three years of warranty support).

SPC-1 consists of a single workload designed to demonstrate the performance of a storage subsystem while performing the typical functions of business critical applications. Those applications are characterized by predominately random I/O operations and require both queries as well as update operations. Examples of those types of applications include OLTP, database operations, and mail server implementations.

SPC-1 version 3 retains the core capabilities and requirements of SPC-1 version 1, but includes support for data deduplication, and data compression, in addition to refining some of the workload attributes to bring the benchmark more in-line with modern storage system workloads.

1 www.tpc.orgwww.spec.org, and www.stacresearch.com