Lenovo ThinkStation at the premiere of Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon

On July 27, Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon, China's first 3D animated feature film produced by Mili Pictures, was first released in the Saga Cinema (Solana Beijing).The film produced by Disney’s gold producer Bill Borden, along with Hollywood animation creators and China’s top ranked animation teams eventually built up the most expensive and sophisticated blockbuster in China’s animated film history. As the partner of Mili Pictures IT infrastructure, Lenovo has provided exclusive IT technical support with ThinkStation workstations for Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon, and shouldered the computer graphic animation production, turning artistic inspirations into reality with reliable performance.

"Since the launch of Lenovo ThinkStation workstation in 2008, it has been widely recognized by customers for its innovative and premium products, and its performance has spiked up in China in the last 19 quarters. At the end of 2013, Lenovo ThinkStation took 32.8% of the market share in China. We will prioritize the DCC field this year. Without a doubt, the cooperation with Mili Pictures will enhance the leadership of Lenovo ThinkStation in the DCC field. Also, we expect that the innovation via the synergy of technology and art will boost the internationalization of domestic animated film industry.” the PC Product Marketing General Manager in VIP Customer Department of Lenovo China, Wang Liping remarked.

The CTO of Mili Pictures Xu Zhe detailed the production of Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon. Each data frame is about 1-2GB, while the file size for each special effect ranges from 50GB to 100GB. There are roughly 500 special effect scenes in the film. Rendering these special effect scenes is painstaking and it is hard to be completed through traditional platforms under the tight schedule. By contrast, rendering efficiency increases by 25% with a cluster rendering farm built by Lenovo ThinkStation, and the production cycle of Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon is reduced to 18 months, much shorter than the 24 month production cycle in international animation companies in terms of similar film works.

Beyond a doubt, two trump cards of Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon are exquisite production and splendid plots, enabling it to stand out in the Cannes Film Festival this May and win acclaim from many professionals all over the world. We owe these accomplishments to the production team's hard work and the strong support of the supreme technology platform. As for the work divided by Mili Pictures production team, the Lenovo ThinkStation workstation family provides tailor-made products. Based on Intel® Xeon® E3-1200v3, E5-1600v2 and E5-2600v2 processors, Lenovo ThinkStation workstations can meet the varied requirements of different departments from art and image design, scene design to special effects production through more stable and powerful computer performance.

Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon released all over the country on July 31. In the future, Lenovo ThinkStation workstations will be involved in the production of Mili Pictures’s follow-up works to expedite the innovation of China’s animated film industry and turn inspiration into reality.