Lenovo takes SIGGRAPH 2015 by Storm with ThinkPad P Series Launch

Following our successful 2014 launch of the ThinkStation P Series at SIGGRAPH in Vancouver (our biggest launch ever), the Lenovo Workstations team faced a tall order in matching that success in 2015. Well, we’ve just returned from SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles where we launched our brand new ThinkPad P Series mobile workstations, and we can happily report that our reception at this year’s event was  tremendous.

What is SIGGRAPH, you ask? It’s the biggest conference of computer graphics and interactive professionals in the world, bringing together innovators, artists and designers from industry powerhouses such as Disney/Pixar, Google, Adobe and Marvel for four days of education and knowledge sharing. It also serves as a golden opportunity to provide attendees with a look at the latest and greatest technologies that are raising the bar for innovation in the industry, and that’s where we came in.

SIGGRAPH was the perfect venue for the launch of the new Lenovo ThinkPad P Series mobile workstations, as these new machines – the ThinkPad P50 and P70 – are the ideal workstations for graphic artists looking for serious mobile hardware on which to run their essential applications. Both of these machines lay claim to being the first to feature Intel® Xeon® processors for mobile workstations, giving them lightning fast performance to meet the needs of professionals’ most demanding applications. Additionally, both feature gorgeous 4K Ultra HD display capabilities and an integrated X-Rite® Pantone® calibrator for color-perfect productions. The ThinkPad P70, a 17-inch ThinkPad mobile workstation – gives graphics and design artists the perfect workstation to display their innovations.

We’re happy to report, SIGGRAPH attendees were blown away by the power and performance of the ThinkPad P Series.. Perhaps more impressive, however, was the press reception. As of this writing, more than 90 journalists have weighed in with glowing admiration for the news, including outlets focusing on media and entertainment (Computer Graphics World, Post Perspective), Computer-Aided Design(CAD) (Develop3D, Desktop Engineering) and technology (Engadget, Maximum PC). But don’t take it from us – here are some choice quotes from reporters:

“If you need to crunch 3D models or video when you're out of the office, one of these rigs may be your best bet.” – Engadget

“I didn’t know a laptop could be sexy on the inside.” – Post Perspective

“We had a hands-on with the P70…and, must say, Lenovo is hitting on all cylinders.” – SolidSmack

And it wasn’t just the press. Lenovo Workstation followers on Twitter went crazy for the new machines, with record high engagement numbers. Our overall social media presence garnered over 2.4 million impressions worldwide in just 13 days since launch, and generated engagement with fans, Lenovo Workstations users and press alike.

The other major triumph for Lenovo Workstations at SIGGRAPH was our ThinkRevolution panel discussion titled “How Today’s Design Pioneers Power Tomorrow’s Innovations: A ThinkRevolution Panel Discussion.” This was an exclusive press event where we brought together five Lenovo customers – filmmaker David Karlak, Allen Bolden from Roundfire, Chris Edwards from The Third Floor and Tim Geurtjens and Gijs van der Velden from MX3D – to discuss the technologies powering innovation in their respective industries. It was a terrific discussion moderated by visual effects legend Scott Ross and attracted press attendees from The Hollywood Reporter, Animation World Network, Cinema Without Borders and other key outlets, all of whom brought great questions for the panelists. One attendee relayed that it was the best panel she’d attended at SIGGRAPH.

In all, SIGGRAPH 2015 was one of our best events ever. The Lenovo Workstations team would like to give special thanks to our partners NVIDIA, Intel and Foundry for their support as well as our product evangelists including MX3D, Eccotype, Lenovo ThinkBots/i.am.angel foundation, Santa Cruz Bikes, Eccotype and everyone else who helped make the show such a success. Here’s to an even more successful SIGGRAPH in 2016!