Lenovo System ToolBox

Lenovo has quietly launched Lenovo System ToolBox, though most of the world has no idea that it even exists.  You probably have not heard of it, but if you've ever used one of our desktops or our laptops, I guarantee that you had its precursor installed (or if you're in a corporate environment, HAD it installed until your IT department did its thing).  That program was PC Doctor Diagnostics. We've been stuck on version 5 of PC Doctor for quite a while.  I remember joining the company some years ago and we were shipping version 5 then.  Many of our systems shipping today still have it sitting right there on the Start menu.  Assuming you are like me, you probably launched it once, just to kick the tires, and then promptly forgot about it or uninstalled it to reclaim some disk space. If you've had to call our tech support team about a hardware issue, perhaps they've had you run one of the diagnostic tools included in the package.  The test for a failed hard disk was partciuarly onerous.  It could take an hour or more to run, and as drives became bigger, the test took increasingly longer to complete its test run. After a long time, Lenovo has introduced the follow on product, Lenovo System ToolBox.  This is not PC Doctor, version 6.  This is a completely new and integrated toolset that includes diagnostic utilities, system health indicators, and a variety of reports and status dashboards to make demystifying what's wrong with your system very easy, while providing a powerful set of utilities for the more technically adept.  It's also a lot faster than the old PC Doctor ever was. I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Dadich, Lenovo Product Manager for System ToolBox and Paul Fallon of PC Doctor who developed the tool for us.  Mark Hopkins of Lenovo Connections fame was Director of this video production.  Though he does not appear on camera, we're indebted to him for helping us.  The following video is about 5 minutes in length.  There is a brief introduction from me.  Following that, Jeff speaks about why we updated this tool.  Finally, Paul takes us on a very brief tour of the new interface, highlighting just a few of the new features while showing actual screen shots.  Whether you're a newbie or a hardcore geek, there's something in this new tool for you.

There are many more parts to System ToolBox than we had time to highlight in the video.  For example, System ToolBox will tell you precisely how many days are left until your warranty expires and the type of warranty support you're entitled to.  In my opinion, that feature alone makes it worth installing. If you have a Lenovo system, you're entitled to download and run this tool at no charge.  This includes ThinkCentre, ThinkPad, ThinkStation, and Lenovo 3000 systems running XP or Vista and released after January 2004.  If in doubt, go ahead and download it.  It will tell you if you're not elegible.  Then give it a go and let us know what you think. Download Lenovo System ToolBox