Lenovo Switzerland Auto Fleet

I've purposely held off posting part two of the docking series because there have been numerous developments, and I wanted to incorporate the latest information I've learned. Today is just a bit of fun on the Friday before the US Memorial Day weekend holiday. I'll get back to the heavy lifting next week with Docking Part 2. A few weeks ago I was visiting Switzerland presenting to a large customer in hopes of winning their business. While there, the Switzerland team asked if I could stop by Zurich and present to the local sales and marketing folks. Right before I arrived, the team had just taken delivery of three Lenovo wrapped automobiles. I am not sure if wrapping vehicles has become popular in many places around the world, but it certainly has become much more prevalent here in the US. Pascal, the country manager, proudly beamed as he told me about the three vehicles sitting in his parking lot and how exciting it was to build the Lenovo brand just by driving around town. In addition to building our brand by sponsoring things like the Olympics, Formula One, and the NBA, each country or region also has brand building money to use as they would like. This is one of the more creative ways I have seen to use that allotment. I took a few pictures too, but credit for all of these plus the Photoshop work goes to Wolfgang. In addition to being a good salesman, he's also a fantastic photographer. If you do happen to be in the neighborhood of the Lenovo Zurich office, stop in. See the team and look at their mini product showcase. While you are visiting, ask for a cup of coffee. The team has one of the best espresso machines I have ever experienced.