Lenovo Settings: Our Hardware, Your Way?

Lenovo Settings: WHAT DO?

Consider the “Settings” feature on your device. No matter the manufacturer or the operating system, it almost always looks the same. You know it, you love it. It’s got the same-old, same-old sliders for the volume. Dials for display adjustments. And little switches for Bluetooth options.

Pretty much, all the things.

My team at Lenovo is taking it a few steps further. Our version, Lenovo Settings, is designed to optimize major hardware features, and contains offerings such as video/audio optimization, mobile hotspot creation, adaptive keyboard functionality.

For 2015, we’re prepping for a Windows 10 release with some incredibly cool features (most of which we can’t speak to, just yet).

But. We want to do even more than that. We want to improve our software, and make our version of “Settings” the best that it can be. We want to go beyond the mere status quo. We want to create something special – something different – something that stands all on its own.

So: what do? [Disclaimer: “What do” is not a typo. It is a reference to a popular net colloquialism.]

We figure, we want to start where it all does these days, for all the makers out there. Whether you craft cars, cupcakes or computers: it begins with the user.

And what do users want?

This really is a trick question, because to figure that out, we need to actually get user feedback. And the only user around, at the moment, is myself. A lot of what I do, personally (game, read, Tweet), isn’t impacted at all by any element of the current version of Settings.

But I could see how that could change. If Lenovo Settings had a “Gamer Mode,” that made it so that I could have the best, most-lag free experience possible while zombie hunting or mine-tinkering – I’d be all about that. Or, if we had a “Strobe” mode, that let the hardware screen dim and brighten in time with the bass – that might be pretty cool as well. A third option: a “Social Portal” where all of the major social media network platforms aggregate their content… now that might be worthwhile.

That's one user, three ideas. But what about all those other users out there (like you)? Settings represents a realm of untapped possibilities, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

We’ll be on Twitter over at @DOitApps, or you can shoot us an email over at DOitApps@lenovo.com.

Download Settings and Try it For Yourself

Lenovo Settings is preloaded on select Windows 8.1 Lenovo PCs and tablets. You can find out if it is preloaded on your device by swiping in from the right edge of your screen and opening the Search charms bar. Type Lenovo Settings.  

If you can’t find it, don’t worry, you can also download it from the Windows Store. Open the Windows Store tile on the Start Screen or swipe in from the right edge of your screen and type Store. Once in the Store, type Lenovo Settings. You’ll see the Settings app. Click on it and you will see a message that says, You currently own this app. Click on Install.

Or, you can download it here.