Lenovo Services Shows Off Laser Etching at CES

Laser Etched Lid

Lenovo Services had never been represented at the annual Consumer Electronics Show before. We never had a lot to talk about, but this year we had a brand new capability to talk about -- laser etching.  We also wanted to share our Services story.

  1. We are investing in Services. We will continue to improve our customers' experiences and continue to bring out new service offerings. In 2012 alone, we introduced four new services: 4 and 8 Hour onsite support for Server products, improved Asset Tagging with a whole host of new capabilities, onsite Accidental Damage Protection, and Laser Etching
  2. We are co locating engineering, technical, and service capabilities at all of the global factory sites we build to pioneer new offerings for our customers -- faster.
  3. With the rise of consumerization, business needs to manage assets has not changed. Services integrates with our hardware so that end users get the functionality they want and IT gets the control they need.

On tour, customers and partners had the opportunity to hear an integrated Built for Business story showcasing how great hardware + business class services differentiate our ThinkPad Tablet 2 from just another consumer tablet. Team members positioned how Lenovo is investing in Services and showed off our newest capability -- laser etched lids.

Laser etched lids are high impact technology.  We take a notebook, though we could also etch desktops like the ThinkCentre Tiny, and burn an image into the top cover.  (Oh, I so wanted to use the Austin Powers quote here...)  What makes Lenovo different is that we perform this service at the factory, instead of an aftermarket facility.  We can also modulate the laser's power to etch fine details and gradients.  Also, since our engineers only etch Lenovo covers, we know how each material type will perform and can fine tune the image depth to maximize contrast.

The result is as you see here in these pictures.  We plan to offer this service worldwide first on our ThinkPad models for quantities of 25 or more.  In the future, we hope to expand this to, perhaps, Idea products and maybe even quantities of 1.  The only machine we cannot etch is the X1 Carbon family.  These machines etch fine, but then the carbon fiber starts to fray after a while.  There may be ways around this limitation, such as laquering the cover, so we haven't given up yet.