Lenovo Sells Servers?!

Lenovo ThinkServer Family

Guest blog by Michelle Brunk – Sr. Product Manager, ThinkServer Software  ─ Yes! Lenovo, known primarily for our ThinkPad line of business laptops, has entered into the world of servers. We have been here for about five years, in fact. I get that question a lot, and my answer is usually met with a delayed reaction, while the following thought gets processed:  “Lenovo makes servers…so I can buy servers from the same company that supplies the PCs my business relies on…hey this is great news!” Sometimes the follow up question is “Isn’t Lenovo is owned by…”

Nope. Though we did start out by rebranding servers made by a close partner of ours (any guesses? It wasn’t a secret back then either). Over the years we have replaced the rebranded systems with our own Lenovo ThinkServer products, developed by our own teams.
We started in our comfort zone, building up a respectable share of the x86 market in China. As we have gotten to know our customers and what they are looking for in entry tower, rack, and performance rack products, we have continued to refine our portfolio and introduce ThinkServer to the world. Our latest products, the ThinkServer RD540 and ThinkServer RD640, are designed specifically for customers looking for the latest technology without overspending for features they don’t need.
Over the coming 12 months we are gearing up to introduce the next-generation, broader ThinkServer portfolio, complete with that Lenovo “Think” DNA that our customers trust.

This is a super-exciting time for ThinkServer and Lenovo, and we look forward to sharing that excitement with our customers and partners!