Lenovo REACHit Now Reaches to All Corners of Your Cloud Storage Attic

Like me, you’ve probably had a sense of panic the moment you realize you can’t find something associated with a special memory. Mine is a classic story, my baseball card collection from when I was a child,  I stored my collection in a shoe box (actually 3 or 4) in the basement “toy closet” and when I grew up I never thought about it again until my parents were ready to downsize after my sister and I had long left home. Of course it was now time to find all our special mementos from our childhood. Try as I might, I simply could not find my special card collection and neither could my parents. From then on I vowed I would always be sure to store my special, and even my not so special things, where they could not be lost.

Fast forward to today’s digital age, and this story may remind you of a similar storage or cloud search for an important document, a picture, or an email stored on one of your many devices. That’s why we designed our REACHit App – a software app that helps you easily access, organize, search and share files across multiple platforms and devices and ensure you can always access it.

We originally released REACHit to Android and Windows in 2014. Starting today, we are extending this solution to Apple’s iPhone and iPad users. This demonstrates our focus on creating a seamless software experience for our customers across all the hardware devices we expect them to be using, regardless of maker and OS. You can download REACHit from the Apple Store, Lenovo.com or Google Play Store.

I must admit – my digital library is much more organized than my home and while I have never lost anything sometimes I do still need to go looking for it.

Here's a quick look at the app:


For more information, visit www.getREACHit.com. To download REACHit for your iPhone or iPad, click here.