With Lenovo Reach, We Unleash A New Kind of Cloud

Tablet, PC, phone, and TV. You probably use at least two of those devices, if not all four, on a daily basis.  Most Apps on any of these devices requires a unique login every time you use it.  Coupled with this multiple logins is the difference in experience and user preferences from device to device.  Not all user information/content transfers from the PC to the tablet. Some information/content is present on the tablet, but not on the phone. Or there is the trick of emailing yourself files just to make sure you have access to them on every device. All in all, it’s a disjointed experience and by the end of the week you’ve put more time and energy into managing how you use the device than being able to simply enjoy the experience and get things done.

To solve some of these problems and simplify your digital life, Lenovo developed the consumer cloud technology called Lenovo Reach.  It’s a single cloud powered application that lets you access your web based services, files, and information on any device with a single login. Lenovo Reach is the same interface and login no matter what device you are using. It’s a consistent, seamless experience that eases the disjointed experience.  It provides 5GB of free cloud storage and is compatible on devices with Microsoft Windows 7 or 8, Google Andriod, and iOS operating systems across Lenovo and non-Lenovo devices.

Currently Lenovo is offering an exclusive preview of Lenovo Reach. The sign up period starts today and accounts will be randomly selected for activation starting on June 22.  Participants will be notified via email when their account is active. During this trial period Lenovo is looking for feedback on Lenovo Reach and will provide communications for users to add their input.  Public availability is planned for later this year.

To sign up for the preview of Lenovo Reach click here.