Lenovo Pushing Farther into the Open Source Community – Hear How. . .

Lenovo is making a significant investment and commitment to the world of open source.   This will become more evident as we reach the upcoming Red Hat Summit at the end of this month.   With our friends at Red Hat, the open source champion, Lenovo has embarked on a flurry of marketing and development around exciting new technologies such as OpenStack, software defined storage and cloud management to name a few.  In fact, our Lenovo Professional Services team has dozens of trained engineers certified and ready to support OpenStack cloud deployments.

Our partnership with Red Hat has been long-standing, starting with resell of the popular Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system and other related products.  Most recently, we really amplified our efforts in 2015 by adding Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat Ceph, Red Hat Gluster and Red Hat CloudForms products to the Lenovo portfolio.  This allowed Lenovo to expand offerings to include open source solutions and initiatives.

Additional facts about the Lenovo and Red Hat Partnership:

Lenovo and Red Hat headquarters are only 18 miles apart in the Raleigh, NC area.
4 out of 6 new record performance benchmarks set on our x3650 M5 were done on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Lenovo has the highest number of Red Hat OpenStack Platform deployment certifications among other OEM server partners.
Red Hat is a Founding Sponsor of the global Lenovo Executive Business Centers.

Stop by Lenovo Booth #715 at Red Hat Summit 2016 to hear about our initiatives in open source and with Red Hat.   We will be showcasing some very exciting capabilities around hybrid cloud as well as making big news around our growing commitment to the open source community.   Lenovo Booth #715 will be open the duration of the event, June 28-30.