We’re Painting Live, Socially-Fed Artwork at Mobile World Congress, via #MWCreativity

Not everyone is in Barcelona right now for Mobile World Congress, but for those that are, you may have noticed something very colorful going on in the little corner of the world that is Lenovo Booth #3n30. A mural, painted with bright colors, is being created by notorious graffiti artist GR170.

Mr. GR170 isn’t just painting for the sake of painting – he’s painting out colorful depictions of Lenovo’s three proprietary applications (SHAREit, REACHit, WRITEit). But it’s more than that. Over the course of three days, he’ll continue painting the mural, adding real-time, user submitted content that is coming in from users via social media.

This living, interactive artwork is a collaboration between the DOit Apps and Lenovo Vibe teams: and it’s going quite well so far. There’ve been over 2,329 Tweets associated with the hashtag #MWCreativity so far, and you can check out the submissions by clicking here.

Day 1 – March 2nd: Take A Crazy Selfie Challenge.

Day one started off with a bang: we challenged attendees and Lenovo fans across the globe to submit their best, crazy selfie ideas on Twitter. While dozens of entries came in, only one could win. And in this case, it was @Satishkulki. Who is now immortalized for all of time within our mural:

Tweeter @Satishkulki Takes Home the Bacon at Day 1 of Lenovo's MWC Mural Contest

Day 2 – March 3rd: Shadow Puppet Time.

Day two, today, is off and running. The challenge was to create interesting shadow puppets – and users are running with it:

Project Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself.

Who will win? It wouldn’t be polite to say. But we’ll comment on this much: we’re digging the brontosaurus.

Day 3 – March 4th: ???

What does the future hold? Tune in tomorrow, March 4th, by checking out @DOitApps on Twitter, or by browsing for the hashtag #MWCreativity.

The Future, and Beyond!

We brought mimes and mariachis to CES, Appy Hour to Raleigh, and artists to MWC. But it’s only the beginning. Expect more. We’re #DOERS.