Lenovo netbook evolution

The S10-2  and the S12, two of Lenovo's newest netbooks are now available for sale, and while there are plenty of reviews and detailed discussion about the systems already circulating, I thought it might be interesting to talk to someone who has been involved in Lenovo's netbook program.     This week, I caught up with fellow Lenovo blogger, Brandon Hoe. Brandon shares a bit about himself and the various projects that he's involved with, the S10 evolution, and his thoughts on some of the trends he's seeing for netbooks in the future.    I hope Brandon explores some of these points in more depth on his blog in the near future.

The video is a bit long at over six mins (I think 2-3 would be ideal for this kind of thing), but Brandon was a great sport and shared his thoughts naturally.  I learned a few things while doing this,  and will ensure better camera work and audio for future endeavors.