Lenovo Makes the Interbrand Top 100 List: A Decade that Transformed the Lenovo Brand

Lenovo has come a long way as a company and global brand since acquiring IBM’s former PC business in 2005. Although in recent years we’ve achieved great business and technological success around the world, our brand recognition was always a step behind.

Today’s announcement by Interbrand that Lenovo is a ‘Top 100 global brand’ signifies that times have changed and that we are well on our way to becoming a truly globally-recognized brand.

Public perceptions of Lenovo have evolved in the last decade – from us being a Chinese company that had acquired a commercial PC business, to what we believe we’ve always been: a multinational consumer electronics leader and technology supplier to the world’s largest corporations. So how have we successfully navigated this decade-long journey?

First, we set out to be authentic and define what we stood for. We focused on what we did well: designing and manufacturing better PCs for every segment of the market. We then expanded beyond PCs to tablets, Lenovo and Motorola smartphones, and servers – allowing us to reach more people in more ways and places than ever before. Throughout our growth, we’ve strengthened our focus on excellence and innovation, appealing to the values that drive our customers. We know that our products help people get more done, and make life more interesting, from our groundbreaking Yoga laptops that flip and fold, to our servers that store and process business critical data. Like us, our customers never stand still. They are constantly finding better, faster ways to do things. We think this fits extremely well with our corporate DNA, and our engineers who strive every day to make each device incrementally better.

The second step was recognizing that the ways we were interacting with our customers were changing rapidly. We had made the first steps towards digital transformation with ecommerce and internet support forums, but that was just scratching the surface. In the past five years we made slow but steady progress to increasing engagement with our customers beyond traditional media and retail channels. Building a strong social media presence has been a major part of that.

Today, we give up some control, and co-create our message with our best customers and let them help us tell the story. Engagement takes many shapes. We’re focused on three: crowdsourcing, influencer partnerships and user-generated content. Recent campaigns like #ihackedlife and #goodweird have employed these elements and generated a clear expression of our brand values, raising our profile with key demographics and ultimately, we hope, increasing consideration of our products.

This steady progress towards raising the profile of Lenovo on a global basis reached its culmination when we unveiled our new brand identity at Lenovo Tech World in May – I talked at length about that process here. The new Lenovo logo has received wide acclaim so far from media and our fans. We believe our new identity truly evokes the spirit of innovation that drives Lenovo, and we are determined to build on these foundations in the decade to come.