Lenovo Live @ CES

Lenovo's new LIVE @ CES 2010 site is making it's public debut today.   David Churbuck, VP digital marketing for Lenovo, shares his excitement for the 2010 CES... “Welcome to the next best thing to being there — but without the cab lines and the casino buffets — Lenovo Live@CES, where myself and a dozen other Lenovo bloggers will be reporting from the Aquaknox Restaurant, Lenovo’s headquarters at the world’s largest consumer electronics and computer show. From January 7 through the 10th we’ll use this site and a variety of social services from Flickr to Twitter (the hashtag is #LenovoCES) to publish interviews, insights, and announcements related to our new wave of ThinkPad and IdeaPad PCs, as well as some new categories we’re getting into, and of course the people behind those products:  our designers and engineers. We will be streaming live from the show on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights at three blogger nights hosted by Mitch Ratcliffe, moderator of the Lenovo Blogger Advisory Council and Chris Heuer of the Social Media Club. Each night will have a different theme, blogging partner, and special guest as well as an ongoing series of new product announcements each night. Please subscribe to our feed, follow us on Twitter at @lenovosocial, or keep the Lenovo live site bookmarked for updates throughout the week. I look forward to hearing from you in the comments there!