Lenovo™ Legion and Microsoft® Crown First Annual Charity Battle Champions

What would you do if you won $5,000? We’re about to find out what one Swedish gamer did when he won the cash.

Swedish streamer Elajjaz and his team were crowned the 2017 champions for Lenovo™ Legion and Microsoft®’s first ever annual Charity Battle. An experienced streamer most famous for his runs on Dark Souls™, Elajjaz and crew beat out teams of former professional gamers to claim the title. 

During the three-day streaming event, eight teams of Twitch®’s top streamers battled through three of Microsoft Studios’ premier competitive titles ­– Gears of War 4™, Forza Horizon 3™ and Halo Wars 2™ – to win $5,000 for the charity of their choosing, provided by Lenovo Legion and Microsoft. Lenovo Legion gaming community also got a chance to win a Lenovo Legion Y720 Laptop, an Xbox One™ Wireless receiver, a Lenovo Y Gaming Stereo Headset, a Lenovo Y Gaming Armored Backpack and a game bundle.

Lenovo Legion Y720 Laptop supports optional integrated Xbox One Wireless receiver

Lenovo Legion caught up with Elajjaz in the wake of his victory to see what steps his team took to become the first Charity Battle champs, and what he plans to do with his prize money.

Swedish streamer Elajazz whose team took the winning title

Lenovo Legion: Congrats on winning Charity Battle 2017! What made you want to join this event?

Elajjaz:  Thank you! I thought the idea of having a battle to win some money for Save the Children® was a fun and a great idea. The games that we played also interested me as they’re not games that I normally play and I'm always open to new things.

Lenovo Legion: Can you break down how you and your team put your strategy together?

ElajjazWe just got together on Discord®, where we left an extra two hours a day open to practice. Once we started playing together for a bit, things just started flowing naturally, and we all knew what to do in certain situations as we got familiar with the games and found the best strategies to increase our odds of winning.

Lenovo Legion: How experienced are you in each of the genres that were represented at Charity Battle?

ElajjazI actually had no experience at all in any of these games that we played! I played the earlier Gears of War trilogy and I have a friend who plays Forza a lot which helped me a bit, but with Halo Wars I just started practicing on my own versus bots. 

Lenovo Legion: Which game gave your team the biggest challenge in the event?

ElajjazI would probably say Forza since none of us had any experience whatsoever with it, but a little practice did us good!

Lenovo Legion: Your team seemed very well-rounded at the event in terms of gaming experience. Was that a conscious effort on your part?

ElajjazLike I said, we just sat down and practiced for a few hours with every game. A few hours goes a long way when most participants have never played the games before. I'm honestly surprised that not many of the other teams took an extra hour out of their day to practice a little bit. Many were doing the tutorial right before our matches. With money going to charity on the line, I feel like putting in some effort for those in need gives an extra incentive to work harder, at least for me.

Lenovo Legion: Why did you choose Save the Children as the charity to receive your donation?

ElajjazI believe children are our future and therefore the most important to invest our time and effort in. I chose Save the Children because they work in 120 different countries around the globe, including Sweden where I'm from, as well as the UK where one of my teammates is based. My audience is an International audience as well, so it doesn't make sense for me to focus on a charity that's based in only one country. I've also met people who work at Save the Children, and they are extremely passionate and dedicated to their work.

Lenovo Legion: As the Captain of your team, you'll be getting a brand new Lenovo Legion Y720 Laptop. What about the laptop are you most excited about and how will it help you to up your game?

ElajjazBeing a full-time streamer, it's always good to have something portable that you can stream on, but this will allow me to actually stream some good quality games when I'm at events or travelling. Which makes me very happy.


VR-ready Lenovo Legion Y720 Laptop with up to UHD anti-glare IPS display and Dolby Atmos audio

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