Lenovo leading the way in Sustainability

TechCollect drop off site in action

Electronic waste or e-waste as it’s known, is becoming an increasing concern for governments around the world.

Electronic devices are ending up in landfill, because most consumers don’t know how to dispose of them. When e-waste is exposed to weather, hazardous chemicals can leach into the air, soil and water.

Many governments have introduced laws to control e-waste disposal, including the Australian Government, which passed such a law last year.

Consulting the IT and Television industries, the Australian Government was helped to determine the best ways to manage this growing challenge. Lenovo Australia and New Zealand was part of an Industry Working Group that worked with Government to consult on the legislation and regulations for the Product Stewardship Act.

Lenovo played a key role in the establishment of the arrangement, the Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP) and has been a strong advocate for product stewardship legislation in the region. ANZRP was set-up to provide a free e-waste drop-off service, as well as collection events across the nation, which is free to consumers and small businesses.

On ANZRP’s Board of Directors is Lenovo’s local Managing Director, Alan Munro. He has been instrumental in getting both the arrangement and the customer facing program, TechCollect, operational.

“Lenovo keenly advocates responsible corporate citizenship. Our on-going work with ANZRP and our own internal programs for managing our products throughout the product life-cycle attest to the strength of Lenovo’s commitment to sustainable leadership and reducing the environmental impact of e-waste,” Alan Munro said.

Lenovo Australia and New Zealand's Managing Director - kneeling front row

The above photo was taken at the official TechCollect NSW launch at the Randwick site with Senator Farrell (back row second from left), Minister Peter Garrett (back row centre), ANZRP's General Manager Carmel Dollisson (kneeling front row) and Lenovo's Managing Director Alan Munro (kneeling front row).  

For more information on ANZRP visit www.anzrp.com.au

For more information on TechCollect visit www.techcollect.com.au