The Distributed Management Task Force, Inc (DMTF) announced today that Lenovo has been elected to the DMTF Board of Directors.

DMTF is a non-profit industry standards organization made up of member technology companies and alliance partners that creates interoperable management standards and drives adoption of these standards worldwide. Members participate in DMTF Working Groups and Committees to collaborate and create standards specifications. Members also participate in DMTF Forums to collaborate on specific areas.

We’ve actually been an active DMTF member for the past decade. For example, we’ve provided leadership in platform-level data models and functions through the Platform Management Components Intercommunication (PMCI) Working Group.

We’re excited about joining the DMTF Board. We’ve learned from our customers that simplifying infrastructure tasks is one of their top priorities in the data center. By joining the DMTF Board, we look forward to accelerating open industry standards to help customers modernize and simplify platform management.

Information on all of DMTF’s standards can be found at