Lenovo Introduces its Largest, Most Comprehensive Portfolio of Data Center Solutions

This is an exciting time for customers as Lenovo builds on its number one position in customer satisfaction and server reliability to introduce the largest, most comprehensive portfolio of server, storage, networking, software and data center services in our history.

ThinkSystem represents the culmination of many years of innovation, by a team of passionate individuals around the globe. It is the foundation for building the next-generation data center solutions. 

End-to-End Portfolio

Today, we launch 26 new ThinkSystem platforms encompassing next gen servers, storage and network switches. The platforms span across scalable mission critical servers, rack and tower servers, dense optimized, and blade servers, mid-range and AFA storage, and Fibre Channel and Ethernet network switches. ThinkSystem is engineered to reliably and safely deliver demanding workloads such as real-time analytics, DevOps application services, and software-defined storage services.

This broad portfolio offers options for every customer data center workload while improving ease-of-use, accelerating certification time, and minimizing training.

For example, the ThinkSystem portfolio utilizes the next-generation XClarity Controller, a new system management tool that delivers an intuitive interface to help automate management needs, reduce operating expenses, and deliver a secure data center foundation.  In addition, XClarity Administrator is a software tool with centralized systems management across the entire ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile portfolios, adding centralized configuration patterns and policy-based firmware management to help standardize and scale across the data center.

Figure 1 : Lenovo ThinkSystem XClarity Controller

Platform Flexibility

The new ThinkSystem solutions, offer flexibility for the most demanding workloads.  Powerful, versatile rack and tower servers enable the broadest set of enterprise workloads, but with better economics. The Lenovo rack and tower servers incorporate a number of technologies that help our customers implement software-defined and hyper-converged solutions such as Nutanix and VMware vSAN ready nodes from Lenovo.

Figure 2: Lenovo ThinkSystem Server Portfolio

Mission-Critical Workloads

Lenovo ThinkSystem is designed for the most demanding, mission-critical workloads such as in-memory databases, large transactional databases, batch and real-time analytics, ERP, CRM and virtualized server workloads. Designed for faster service time and flexibility that allows system customization based on workload needs, Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950 scales from 2 to 8 processors in a 4U form factor reducing operating costs, while never requiring removal from the rack due to easy front and rear access to all major subsystems.  

Figure 3 : Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950

Built for the Future

For customers who need a dense, expandable platform, the SN850 blade has superior management to run a wide variety of workloads.  It is designed to grow as customer requirements evolve. The SN550 and SN850 are newly designed ThinkSystem blades that can be installed into the Lenovo Flex System chassis. The Flex System chassis was announced five years ago, and today will support up to four generations of the Intel® Xeon® processor, providing excellent investment protection for our customers. Flex System is a highly adaptable platform that allows customers to install multiple generational processors, standard ethernet switches, as well as fiber channel switches.  The ThinkSystem SN550 and SN850 compute nodes will support the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable Family processor, as well SAS/SATA and NVMe disk drives.

Figure 4 : Lenovo ThinkSystem SN850 compute node

The ultra-dense ThinkSystem SD530 dense system is easily adaptable for customers seeking the power and scalability to drive large, complex environments such as high performance computing (HPC) and software defined offerings.  The SD530 and the ThinkSystem D2 chassis is the new ThinkSystem entry into the 2U4N form factor.  The 2U4N form factor is an exciting form factor experiencing high growth in the market due to its density and flexibility.  The ThinkSystem SD530 is a system that was designed for maximum performance of the processor, with the flexibility of storage, as well as the option to have different IO modules to match their workload needs.

Figure 5 : Lenovo ThinkSystem SD530

Along with engineering focused on high-availability, Lenovo also designed ThinkSystem with high-strength platform security technology and processes. With FIPS and NIST compliant encryption and a unique Trusted Platform Module implementation that builds on industry standards, we ensure that only digitally signed code validated by Lenovo is allowed to run on our platforms.  Additionally, our Lenovo Trusted Supplier program provides strict security processes across our entire supply chain have allowed us to achieve a Tier 3 level of security as awarded by the US Department of Homeland Security.

Figure 6 : Lenovo ThinkSystem DS Series Storage

The Lenovo ThinkSystem DS Series of products is an innovative, entry into mid-range All-Flash and Hybrid SAN storage solutions that are application-optimized for performance and scalability.  Rapid Technology innovations give customers fast, intuitive and affordable storage solutions.  With the best-in-class price/performance in the industry, setup in less than 15 minutes, a common GUI, and five 9's of availability, customers can implement the DS Series with confidence.

Figure 7 : Lenovo ThinkSystem DB Series

The Lenovo ThinkSystem DB Series of products dramatically increases performance, network scalability, and operational stability with the latest Gen6 Fibre Channel technology.  With pay-as-you-grow technology, customers can seamlessly integrate into new and existing environments, while seamlessly adapting to new business requirements.

Figure 8 : Lenovo ThinkSystem RackSwitch Family

The ThinkSystem RackSwitch provides flexible networking for future-defined data centers.  These open, interoperable products have intelligent networking optimized for virtualized environments.  Cloud-scale, cost-effective Ethernet switches accelerate the deployment of hybrid cloud data centers for our customers. Network Telemetry combined with Lenovo’s SDN controller delivers actionable analytics, proactive network visibility and management. With a modern cloud operating system that is integrated with a growing ecosystem of applications and DevOps tools, customers will experience reduced OPEX and more agile data center operations.

Today is an exciting one for Lenovo. The new ThinkSystem portfolio provides the highest performance, flexibility and reliability in the industry.  We are committed to being a top 3 data center provider in the industry, and maintaining our #1 position in customer satisfaction and reliability.  For more information, please learn more about Lenovo ThinkSystem at www.lenovo.com/future-defined