Lenovo @ IFA 2013

Setting up at IFA 2013, Berlin.

When it comes to consumer electronics, it doesn’t get much bigger than IFA, the annual tradeshow held in Berlin that draws 240,000 visitors, 6,200 members of the media, and 1,500 exhibitors.

It's a massive crowd, but Lenovo is well prepared to stand out, with exciting new product launches and a crisp, sleek booth that's better than ever before.  IFA kicks off with a media event on September 5; the show opens the next day and runs through September 11th.

"Lenovo’s activity at IFA is really centered around three key goals:  briefing the media as we launch new products; solidifying relationships and agreements with our business partners, customers and retailers; and building the Lenovo brand through interactions with all of our stakeholders,” said Catherine Ladousse, executive director, EMEA communications.  “Whether visitors join us at our booth, see us at our press event, or hear about us in the social media buzz that surrounds the show, Lenovo will be taking every opportunity to create excitement for our company and our products. In addition, elevating our mindshare with key influencers has a major impact on the strength of the brand and on our business."

Day by Day
On Thursday, September 5, Lenovo will meet more than 200 reporters from many countries in a talk-show style press conference hosted by a popular German TV presenter, Cerno Jobatey. On hand to announce our new products and PC+ offerings will be EMEA President Gianfranco Lanci, Chief Marketing Officer David Roman, and Executive Director of LBG Marketing, Nick Reynolds.  

That night, Lenovo will hold a cocktail event for the press and bloggers, followed by a team dinner for all those working so hard to make IFA a success.

Friday will be devoted to press interviews and press briefings, while the weekend is focused on greeting visitors to the booth with interactive features like product presentations, video games, a caricature contest, and a DJ.  The intent is to immerse visitors in the Lenovo experience, helping them understand what’s so different and special about our brand.

On Monday, September 9, the focus shifts toward meetings with our business partners, including a networking cocktail event held in association with Intel. As the show draws to a close, Lenovo will hold its traditional booth party, open to Lenovo, MEDION and friends.

"The timing of IFA could not be better for Lenovo," said Jan Huckfeldt, Vice President, Marketing, marketing EMEA.  "We’re coming in as the new #1 PC maker in the world and the industry is taking notice of our momentum in PC+.  All of us in EMEA and beyond are very excited about this year’s show, and plan to maximize our exposure as we tell the strong story of a company and a brand that is very much on the rise."

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Guest blogging by Heather Lowe, Senior Manager, WW Internal Communications